U.S. Pays $3.3B for Salmon Recovery

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    For 3.3 Billion $$ we could have got thses fish a nice Condo with an ocean front view.....now wounder were running in the red.

    U.S. Pays $3.3B for Salmon Recovery
    TUE 08.27.2002 10.28 PT
    Federal agencies have spent more than $3.3 billion in the past two decades to help Columbia River Basin salmon and steelhead runs recover - with little conclusive success, the General Accounting Office says.

    The report released Monday by the GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, raised concerns about the effectiveness of federal spending on recovery efforts and suggested better coordination among agencies was needed.

    "Although these actions are generally viewed as resulting in higher numbers of returning adult salmon and steelhead, there is little conclusive evidence to quantify the extent of their effects on returning fish populations," the report said.