U.S. Second Fleet in jeopardy as DOD continues to trim budget

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    I see a pattern here.

    Carter cut the military.

    Reagan built it back up, and won the cold war.

    Clinton cut the military.

    G. Bush is elected in office.
    8 moths later, the worst attack on US soil occurs.
    G. Bush declares war on terrorism.
    With the full support of Democrats.
    We go into 2 wars, with mostly outdated equipment.
    Dems. blame Bush for it!
    No armored Humvees or B.P. vest.
    Which we had NEVER had before.
    Dems. blame Bush.
    Bush fights for funding, to fight wars.
    Anti war Dems, elected to House & Senate in 2006.
    Making it even harder, to get war funding.
    Media exploits, every causality of war.
    Claims Bush murdered them.
    Bush agrees to Dems spending, for first bail out.

    The Messiah, Barak Hussein Obummer appears out of nowhere.
    The Chosen One says HOPE & CHANGE.
    And says he will stop all wars on terror.

    2008 The Chosen One is elected to office.
    Is Crowned in lavish style.
    And the Dems take complete control of the House & Senate.
    Republicans, can NOT stop any bill.
    Obummer & the Dems., go on a berserk spending spree.
    Blames Bush.
    Starts de funding the military, NASA, missile defence systems.
    Flushes U S Constitution, down the commode.
    Takes over PRIVATELY owned companies, Quicker then Chavez does.
    Puts the Unions in charge.
    Gives lectures, blames Bush.
    Plays golf.
    Spends the US dollar quicker, then it can be printed.
    Defunds MORE military programs. (new Air force fighters)
    Plays more golf/vacation.
    Spends more $, social programs.
    Gives lectures, blames Bush.
    Visits his homeboys in the M.E., and prays at Mosque.
    Bows to every foreign leader.
    Thumbs his nose, at all of our allies.
    Blames Bush.
    Makes the Dali Lama leave the White house through garbage exit.
    Refuses to have/participate in, any Christmas Christian programs.
    Make White house staff work Christmas, while he leaves for vacation.
    Defunds Navy programs. (new ships)
    Spends more $ on social programs.
    Blames Bush.
    Massive Oil spill in the gulf, he does nothing.
    He plays golf.
    Decides he needs another vacation.
    Give a lecture to B.P..
    Blames Bush.
    Goes on vacation.
    Gives a half hearted speech on oil spill.
    Golf, & vacation.
    Blames Bush.
    Spends more $, on social programs.
    Gives a speech on why a Mosque, SHOULD be built by ground zero.
    Blames Bush.
    Oil spill, What oil spill?
    Golf & vacation.......
    Blames Bush.

    Yep, still on vacation!

    And still cutting the Military budget.
    Just think, 2 more years!
    U.S. Second Fleet in jeopardy as DOD continues to trim budget

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