U.S. Soldier, Citing His Muslim Religion, Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by grizcty, Sep 3, 2010.

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    The "conscientious objector" status served a purpose when the draft was in effect; but in today's all volunteer military, it should be eliminated. If you can't, or won't, perform the duties of a soldier, don't enlist.

  3. Curiously,

    this rather strange act may succeed. We live in a legally induced fog of combat in which we are not in a declared war with any nation as per the Constitution of the United States. Despite whatever emotionalism one may attach to the War on Terror either in support of or in opposition to it there are problems of attaching traditional values to the acts of soldiers.
  4. its just some guy scared to go to war. i see it all the time. except most of them are too stupid to figure out how
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    i think the Army should just give him a general discharge, be rid of him. this is only a distraction from the mission. i know he signed a contract and he joined voluntarily, however some times its best to cut loose the bad apple before it ruins the rest of the barrel.
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    hes probably gonna get released or discharged or whatever then come back and bomb something to be a martyr for his "religion of peace"
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    He needs kp and latrine duties for the duration....
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    He would be "exempt", from KP duty.
    Because of the possibility, of touching PORK products!
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    Maybe they should be the rib processor! LOL! Queasy folks need rear line duty of some sort. For real.
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    An American Muslim organization has condemed him as a traitor to all American Muslims especially those in the Armed Forces.
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    He may be just trying to stir the pot.
    A general discharge sounds about right to me.:usa2:
  12. CO status

    We get several of these every time a large unit goes through the SRP process for pre-mobilization. In essence, all this young man is declaring is that he won't go fight against other muslims, which means he is more devoted to his fellow radicals than he is his country, which is exactly the problem we have today. He's not an American, he's a muslim-American. Muslim first, American last.

    As for being a conscientious objector, if his claim is that his religion is the basis for that belief, then he joined on a fraudulent enlistment because they ask your objector status during the initial application to the military. But, this weinie will be discharged with an honorable discharge eventually. They will hold him and make him do menial jobs for several months before they approve his application, but eventually they will approve it.

    He is just one of many I have met in recent years who want the benefits of military service, without any of the sacrifice. They don't deserve to wear the uniform anyway, so good riddence.