ucbandit10's 91/30 peep sight

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by jmp8927, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I got it the other day and I'm just now getting around to posting pics of it. I haven't been able to shoot with it yet as there's logging going on behind my house and I don't think they'd appreciate the epicness of the Mosin Nagant when it's being fired in their direction. I do like how it turned out though. Very good job on the machining! I also put Jmeck's front sight blade on it. Speaking of which, that's the one suggestion I have for this set up. Find a blade front sight. The roundness of the front sight globe and the round peep hole do not(at least mine didn't) line up just perfectly, so it can be a little confusing getting a good sight picture. With the blade sight, the sight picture is AMAZING! I can definitely get the sight picture on target faster and I feel it will make shooting more enjoyable at the least and hopefully tighten my groups.

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    Looks nice. I had a blade sight on my Finn capture 91/30, but like an idiot I sold it. May have to buy one of those set ups like you have there.

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    jmp, where did you get that; how much does it cost; and how hard is it for a non-gunsmith to install? That might work well on Boris Badenov, my most reliable M38.
  4. that looks like a really neat setup. looking forward to the shooting results!

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    Why wouldn't they appreciate the epicness? You could speed up the logging process.

    and in regards to Cyrano's post, by the looks of things, it goes on like the scope mount my dad has for his, you just pop out the pin in the rear sight mount, and slide that in place and pop the pin back in.
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    Yep that's all there is to it. Use a punch to punch the rear sight leaf pin out, remove old leaf, stick new leaf on there, put pin back in. The thing one needs to be careful with is that there is a LOT on tension on the spring right under than pin. It won't go flying across the room, but it IS very hard to push that new leaf back down enough to get the pin in. I took the rifle out it's stock and used a small C clamp with some padding to pull the leaf and spring down into position.

    Cyrano: As for the sights, I got the rear sight from ucbandit10 right here on G&G. If you remember, he has a thread concerning him and his friend making some of these and I volunteered to try one out. The front sight is one jmeck made a good while ago. He made a couple just for the heck of it and shipped them to whoever asked first. You might get him to make another for you. The blade works a lot better than the post with the globe. As I said, the globe can become confusing with the circular peep sight if they don't line up just perfectly, which they won't.
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    Heck, you could help them by chopping a few trees down with Mosin fire!
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    so where did you find this? my search doesn't bring up anything.

  9. And it looks like ucbandit10 improved on the design? And for the better if you ask me.

    Looks good JMP. Be sure to let us know how much more accurate you are with it compared to the original? I'm sure it will have helped your accuracy out quite a bit.

    And if I might ask, what's he asking/wanting/getting for his sight/s?
  10. jmp8927

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    I don't know how many he made or is making, but he only wanted $40 for it. You'd have to PM him and ask about it to find out if he's still making them, or if it was a one time run. The front sight was just something jmeck was playing around with and whoever claimed them first got them for the cost of shipping, I believe. Again, you'd have to PM him to get one. What he did was mill out the general shape of it, then I had to use a triangular file to shape the tongue into it. Wasn't hard at all, just took a little time.
  11. ucbandit10

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    I've got a few more of these sights finished. send me a pm
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