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uh oh i did it....

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by billy, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. uh oh i did it just got off the phone with ED'S CONTENDERS and will be receiving a 16" bull MGM .223 barrel in the mail next week or so.
    my only defense is at least i can make ammo for it. instead of simply watching my small supply of unreloadable .22lr ammo trickle away.
    $307 shipped
    i cant really afford this but. too late now!
  2. i went with the 16 for a few reasons. i like a heavy pistol. the legal ability to turn it into a carbine and most importantly. i think it looks cool...

  3. this is my dream bbl for this pistol.
  4. i agonized over the caliber.
    it had to be a bull carbine
    but i couldnt decide between .357 30-30 or .223
    i already have dies for all three.
    but i am thinking the 223 is best for bench accuracy tomfoolery.
    i know
    i know
    this'll never be a great bench gun .
    but i have every intention of havin some fun and shooting small groups.
  5. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist

    It's like whacking your thumb with a hammer.

    First it goes numb so you know it isn't good.
    Then it hurts like crazy so you confirm the injury
    Then it throbs so you keep remembering it.
    And after the throbbing stops, you can enjoy the reason you whacked your thumb in the first place.
  6. i bought it BEFORE asking my girl.
    i have never done something like that before.
    when i told her she said
    you have been wanting one for a long time and i am happy you got it.

    what a gal!
  7. thinking on it
    yesterday i gave her a suprise present
    but i swear i didnt know i was buying this today
    i accidentally softened her up.
    funny how things work out sometimes
  8. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    No matter how much I soften my wife up, she can harden back over in the blink of an eye! Like molten lead poured into a cold bullet mold.
  9. mine stays pretty mushy.
    i have no idea why but she is crazy about me.
    i know she isnt blind so we can rule that out.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    *wink* *wink*
  11. This is gonna be a long week.
    because of the arctic weather I won't get it till Monday at the earliest.
  12. I just got my barrel
    16 inches of barrely goodness.
    a thing of beauty
  13. 16'' bull barrel ''pistol'' would be a handful!

  14. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    Never be a good bench gun?

    My 280AI is on the Encore frame and I have shot several 1/4" groups with it. I haven't shot it past 500yds but it was well under MOA at that range and that was with the crummy trigger. Don't be surprised if your little 16" carbine shoots bug hole groups.
  15. BigCaneSwift

    BigCaneSwift G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    no pics
  16. as soon as I get home
  17. Ok
    the madness is apparently just beginning.
    now I am leaning towards a fixed 36 power weaver benchrest scope.
    I need good glass.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. i am turning it into a pseudo bench gun.
    rebuilt the rest top and made a forarm
    the stupid looking thing by the trigger makes it easy to open the breech.