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  1. Got my GCA card - tomorrow, the CMP gets an order for one M1 SG SA rifle. GCA got the card to me in 8 days - not bad at all!
  2. GCA


    I'm new so bear with me and my retarded questions, but what exactly does the GCA actually do for you that is beneficial. I just joined, and I'm kinda curious.


  3. It has a great journal and a lot of helpful members. I had meant to join anyway, but the demise of my club as a CMP affiliatee pushed me over the edge!

    The journal has a lot of useful informatin in it - have you gotten yours yet?
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    A very rare photo I found from WWII combat with a G.I. carrying a Gas Trap rifle is going to be a cover. It is known at this point as teh only one. There were none seen in combat use until I found this photo and next to him is a early No-trap Gas port rifle. I was happy to find this photo after 60 years. Rick B
  5. I've heard that quite a few Gas Traps were shipped to the Philippines before the war. I've seen photos of Garands on Bataan - I'll have go back and take a look.

    I'll be looking forward to the next GCA issue!