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Understanding gangester stuff a-c

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ill book mark the page but here is #-C if you all like Ill post the rest..rather long.

    Oh in reffrenc to the post Gack...the answer is GAT: Gun

    5-0: Police

    13: Same as SUR

    187: Murder (California penal code)

    911: Police

    ACE KOOL: Best friend/Backup

    A.K.: AK-47 rifle

    AK/UZI: Semi-auto weapon

    ALL THAT: In possession of all good qualities.

    A.R.: AR15 rifle

    AY YO TRIP: Phrase to seek attention, compare check this out.

    BAG UP: To laugh real hard at something; To be caught or arrested by the police.

    BANG: To fight to kill.

    BANGER: Someone associated with gangs and murder.

    BANGING: Doing gang activity

    BARRIO: Neighborhood

    BASE HEAD: Person hooked on cocaine

    BEING (DOWN) WITH SOMETHING: Favoring something; thinking the same way.

    B.G.: A baby gangster is someone who has not shot anyone yet, as opposed to an OG who has.

    B.K.: Blood killer

    B.K.A.: Blood killer always

    BLACK GANGSTER DISCIPLE: A Chicago based street gang, founded in the late 60, early 70s many experts feel that they are the for-runner to the Crips. Although the BGD's often wear blue, it's not mandatory. The major way to tell members of this gang is by the way they wear their caps with the brim cocked to the right.

    BLOOD: A member of a LA gang whose color is red. Piru/Non-Crip.

    BLOB/SLOB: Crips' derogatory term for a Blood

    BLUNT: See MARIJUANA. Marijuana cigarette, herb stuffed cigar, generally phillies.

    BO/BUD: Marijuana

    BONED OUT: Quit/Chickened out/left

    BOOK: Run/Get away/Leave

    BONE: To have sexual intercourse; penis; one dollar; core, soul; to bone out, as in leaving.

    BOOTY: Not good; lacking; bottom, ***, or getting a piece of ***; biblical, as in pirates booty or treasure. Since booty is stolen treasure, it could be good or bad. Often used in the negative today.

    BOO-YA: Totally DOPE, incredibly fine.

    BREAK: Run/Get away

    BREAKDOWN: Shotgun

    BUCKET: Old, ragged car

    BULLET: One year in county jail

    BUMPER KIT: Girl's butt


    BUSTED/POPPED A CAP: Shot at some one

    BUSTER: Youngster trying to be a gang member/Fake gang member

    CAMARADA: Friend

    CAP: A retort/ or, shoot at

    CARNAL: Brother

    CARNALA: Sister

    CHALE: No

    CHAVALA: Little girl

    CHECK IT OUT: Listen to what I have to say

    CHILL OUT: Stop it/Don't do that/Calm down

    CHINGASOS: Fighting.

    CHINGATE: **** yourself

    CHIVA: Heroin

    CHIVERO: Heroin addict

    CHOTA: Police

    C.K.: Crip killer

    CLICK UP: To get along well with a homeboy

    CLUCK: Cocaine smoker

    COLORS: Gang colors (on shoes, rag, shoelaces, etc...)

    COLUM: Colombian Marijuana

    CON SOFOS (C\S): Anything you say goes back to you twice as bad

    CONTROZZA CON SOTOAS: Gang hood or gang territory.

    COURTING IN: Initiation into a gang

    COURTING OUT: Initiation out of a gang

    CRAB/E-RICKET: Bloods’ derogatory term for Crips

    CRANK: A mentally unstable person

    CRIP: A member of a LA gang whose color is blue; Blue down LA based gang nation

    CRUMBS: Tiny pieces of rock cocaine

    CUZZ: Crip
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    AHHHHHHHHH! My head is going to explode! Make it stop!

  3. Interesting, very very interesting. We should learn these phrases and words. Teenagers get scared enough when they realize that most of the songs they like are really just re-mixes of top ten pop songs from the 80s. Can you imagine how stupid the "gangbanger" will feel when they know that we understand them??
    Maybe we should try the dress code thing too! Remington owners wear blue hats, Enfield wear red, Mauser green etc.etc. If you are going shooting wear your hat to the left, coming back , then to the left. Carrying your gun just in case, then its on normal
    I think maybe then they may see how idiotic they look with backward caps, and hankies out of their back pockets.