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unidentified 25 auto

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by drsquat, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. drsquat

    drsquat G&G Newbie

    i just acquired a pocket pistol in 25 acp, its nickel plated, it has a hammer instead of a striker, on the slide it says automatic pistol cal 6.65 i think it has a european magizine release, and a cheap safety slide lock on the side. on the barrel it has sort of a cannon ball lookin proofmark with a p inside of it and a cannon ball mark on the left rear of the slide and left rear of the frame. it also has a knights head with a box attached below it with an x in it. the barrel has lugs on its botom that insert into recesses in the frame, the barrel also has flutes in the front portion of it it has a separete rod and spring that ride under the barrel. it has no sights, just a channel running down the slide ,and no brand name anywhere on it sure would like to know what it is

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  2. Kyrie

    Kyrie G&G Newbie

    Hi drsquat,

    The markings you have described are those of the Eibar proof house in Spain. So you have a Spanish made pistol [smile]. Without any manufacturer’s marking it’s not possible to say much more than that.

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