Unions try to block pension reform

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    PLANSPONSOR.com - San Francisco Labor Unions Sue to Stop Pension Ballot Measure
    Unions for city workers are attempting to block pension reforms that would require workers to pay more into their pensions and for dependent medical care by having the courts declare a referendum on the ballot unconstitutional.
    A sign of things to come. The public cannot afford the pensions and health care benefits the unions have created and if they want to keep them, the union members are going to have to pick up the tab...and they don't want to. Although I don't begrudge anyone a pension or medical care, it is patently unfair to demand that citizens of another state pay for worker's pensions and health care in California and that is exactly what the federal government is going to do if cities like San Francisco can't make budget. In fact, that was a part of the stimulus packages that were passed.
    The pyramid scheme that the unions negotiated simply aren't sustainable and health care costs will continue to rise until after the "baby boomers" are gone simply because of the demands on the system, (assuming we don't inject 20-40 million now illegal residents into the system).
    This is where your tax dollars are going to go if the current administration has its way. Unions are going to reap billions to support pension plans...you (and your children and grandchildren) will be paying for someone else's retirement and health care even if you can't afford it for yourself.
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    Dam right,I'd much rather spend our money on foreign aid to countries better of than we are,bribeing our enemies,and keeping the wars going for the beneift of the crooked leaders of our enemies and the military contracters,and all illegals,criminals,and all the other wasteful projects than pay for a pension of Americans that worked all their life for it,dam right.

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    Anyone who has read my posts knows I'm dead set against foreign aid and professional politicians, Rave; but why should be up to you and everyone on this website to pay me to retire? That's the same premise. If you are relying on everyone else to support you for not working, that's not retirement, that's welfare; and it doesn't matter how long you've been on the job. It isn't the company you worked for that's footing the bill...it's everyone else. My son has never set foot in California so he never received a second of education in that state; even if they have the best teachers and the finest facilities in the world, what obligation does he have to pay for any of that?
  4. Mmmm,

    this is a complex issue.

    I do understand the outrageous situation can always be brought forth.
    However, for most people in most states the retirement is part of what they were promised in return for an adult lifetime of quality work.

    The problem in larger part comes from politicians who felt it better to either raid retirement funds or underfund them in order to avoid the realities of tax increases or reductions in other services.

    If the trillions spend on NASA for nothing in return other than scientific data often not applicable to real earth problems and the many trillions wasted in the middle east on failed policies were to have been applied to retirements, the Social Security trust fund, eliminating student loans, providing affordable mortgages especially for first time home buyers, providing educations for health care workers, encouraging the building of factories in America, rebuilding our national infrastructure, etc. we would have a much more viable society.
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    The problem is that if we hadn't funded NASA, the money still wouldn't have gone to maintain the infrastructure and to insure Social Security and such. We're looking at a $13 trillion dollar deficit and ICE and the FDA are telling us they don't have the funds to (respectively) secure our borders and insure our food is safe, but we're still paying "scientists" to feed cocaine to monkeys and study how ants reproduce. A considerable percentage of the "stimulus" money has been sent overseas in additional to billions in foreign aid. The 26 billion that was just passed "to insure teachers, firefighters and police weren't laid off"? $16 billion of that went to reimburse the states for the reduction in federal Medicaid money! Of the money that has been given out to support union pensions to date, it's been shown that a sizable percent is going right back out in the form of contributions to political candidates. California complains of an budget shortfall for it's teachers and wants taxpayers of all the other states to fund their pensions while building 1/2 billion dollar schools?
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    It's all a matter of priorities.
  7. The above describes more like unions than foreign aid, Rave.....

    DWFan, the unions only care about themselves....Yes, no one in Iowa should have to pay for California's unions, in fact, Oakland residents should have not to pay for the misconduct of San Fransickos' unions....
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    I'm talkin' about the big picture of where our money goes.
    BTW,I paid SS for quite a few years,but I don't draw it because I went to work for a municipality and draw a 30 year pension from them.
    This pension is not available to newer enployees anymore,they got SS,however my SS payments have gone to help other Americans(I hope) to get a deceant retirement.
    You used to hear about a "lock box" for SS funds around election times,claiming that the gummint won't be grabbing money from SS to pay for their pet projects,but it still goes on and they want folks to contribute more and wait years more to draw it while they squander it on their crap.
    Too much selfishness going on today and it's sad how personal geed is takeing over. Rave.