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  1. Ok , it looks like there is a bunch of us vets here and I'm digging the hell out of it, so how about we flash some unit patches (our gang sign) :)

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  2. jerry

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    current one of many

  3. My additions...

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  4. Seabeescotty

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    Most of my old service stuff disappeared, through divorce, but I found this one pinned to a flight suit with my original set of aircrew wings. I'm glad I found it, they are kinda rare, 'cause we weren't allowed to wear anything on our uniforms that showed who we were.
  5. How do you post images here?
  6. If you have them in your hard drive on your computer attach them using the attach button you see at the top of the toolbar when you click reply to a message... or I believe a lot of people use photo bucket and the like, but I haven't tried that yet and am not quite sure how it works...
  7. Sarge

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    Well there is my avitar and then there is this, my moonlighting job.
    I wore a wide variety of Army unit/division patches over the years - 35th ID, 5th ID, Colo NG, Ks NG, SF. Also 3 squadron patches while in the Navy, no photos of them but do have a photo of my flight gear, both Army & Navy.

    HARDERTR Guest

    MAN...you AF guys get all the cool trinkets for your uniforms. Our patches are pretty boring in comparison.

    These are mine from the past 9 months.
  9. Marine1

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    US Marines, US Army NG, US Army Reserve, US Air Force NG.

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  10. charmincarmens

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    I wore the blue and white patch back in 60 61 62 63 64. 3RD.Division, 15TH. Infantry.
  11. Jim Rau

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    :)I like your idea, but I don't have access to my old patches so I will name the units and if some of you have access to the patches let me know.
    1. 199th LIB (Red Catchers)
    2. 1st Avn. Bde. (282nd AHC, Black Cats)
    3. 23rd Inf. Div. (Americal) (71st AHC, Rattlers)
    4. USRV
    5. MACV
    6. SF/ with tap (19th GP, A521)
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  12. Seabeescotty

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    Jim, I'll have to dig, but I might have an old MACV patch, somewhere. I'll try to find it, and post it!

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  14. Jim Rau

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    I wish I could find the patch our gun platoon had in the 71st. They were the 'widow makers'. Our 'rattler' patch was a good one too.:burnout:
    Thanks Seebee
  15. Seabeescotty

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    Still lookin'! I hate movin', everything gets misplaced.
  16. Jim Rau

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    Amen, I moved from CO to AK and just got settled in when the wife had medical problems so we had to move to a warmer climate. Everything was stored in two trailers for about a year and a half. I have the house almost done in AL so I will be able to start unpacking in the next few month when I am not here in AK working. I may find some of the patches then, but I doubt it.
    Thanks again