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universal firearms corp m1?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by came2ride, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. came2ride

    came2ride G&G Newbie

    i have an m1 carbine made by unversal firarms corps hialeah, fl but nowhere online have information about what year its was made and about how much its worth. it has markings 177xxx behind the rear sight and universal hialeah, fla pat. 3,382,766 just behind the walnut stock on top of the action. the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elivation. anyone have any idea???

  2. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    Depending on Condition , Blue book values them at 300 for 100% shape, 265 for 98%, 235 for 95%, 200 for 90%...The earlier versions are worth a little more because they used Original G.I. Parts, and when supplies ran low they made changes in the design on the later carbines and Made their own parts that are not interchangeable with G.I. Carbines.Universal was in business from 1958 -1983, then it was purchased by Iver Johnson and then closed and Liquidated in 1987...
    Close up pics of the slide and the reciever, etc. would help with Identifying early or later Mfg.
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  3. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    Aside from the book value it's worth depends on the area you're living in. The Universals and Iver Johnsons I've seen recently at gun shows are commanding $400-450 in good used condition; which, by the way, is a little excessive. Make sure you check the operating rod for minute cracks where the bolt trace runs. Cracking has been a problem with many of the later carbines under both names.
    Try this link for loads of information on the Universal M1 Carbine. The human models on these pages will keep you snickering for a while. LOL
    Universal M1 Carbine Info
  4. Taurus Fan

    Taurus Fan G&G Newbie

    My God. 30 years ago used universal M1 carbines were junk guns that you could buy for $50. I knew a couple people that had them, neither could shoot a magazine without several jams. I can't believe people collect these things.
  5. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    There are fools that collect them things, and Taurus's as well...LOL
    (Sorry, I couldnt resist...):09:
  6. doctor rizz

    doctor rizz G&G Newbie

    Taurus! I thought was a good company at least with their revolvers!
  7. couchtr26

    couchtr26 G&G Addict

    Very nice, revolvers are inexpensive. I was with Outdoor America in OKC for awhile and sold a Taurus Raging Bull .44 to a rancher for "coyote." I wonder if people sneaking onto his property count as coyote.:joke:
  8. Taurus Fan

    Taurus Fan G&G Newbie

    Last military base I was at 25+ years ago there was a Universal M1 carbine that was traded back and forth among the clique of gun nuts I hung out with, it got sold for $50 every time, then each new owner got tired of it's Hour Of Angle groups and inability to shoot two consecutive rounds without jamming and sold it to the next sucker. I went out shooting with two of it's owners and got to handle it, they do feel like a cute little gun but the infactuation disappears when the trigger is pulled and you have to clear a FTF. Probably still being sold to this day, but for $500 now. Sheesh.
  9. M14man

    M14man I don't take prisoners... Forum Contributor

    I had a Universal that was giving me woes. FTF's. The bullet would hit the ramp and jam. Being a braze fanatic, I filed,brazed and reshaped the feed ramp which allowed sooner contact and a better guiding of the bullet. Here is a stock photo where you can see the ramp, although that was not the focus when this photo was taken.
  10. argeaux

    argeaux G&G Newbie

    I met a guy the other day who pulled out a Universal with a badly copied folding stock and tried to convince me it was an M1A1.
  11. Taurus Fan

    Taurus Fan G&G Newbie

    Universal M1 carbines are not for shooting. They're for people you hope you never see again.
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