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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Bramis, May 13, 2008.

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    I have a Universal M1 30 Carbine that needs the rear sight replaced on it. It looks like someone dropped the gun or hit the sight with a hammer to try to get it off. Any thoughts on where to find one?
  2. You might call or email CMP and ask if they have any parts lying around? I honestly have no clue, just throwing ideas out there.

    You could also join a few gun sites and place a wanted ad? I know GunBroker.com Online Gun Auction has a forum where you can place want ads. I'm sure others do as well. Maybe find a good M1 forum and do that? Good luck.

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    If it is an earlier Universal, then any USGI rear sight should fit. They are available all over the place. Going rate is around $25 or so. If nothing else, you can get them on-line from Gun Parts Corp. Just google them. GB should also have some. Or you can try 81MM (Eddy Yuja) [email protected] He usually has things like that at a good price.
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    Gun Parts Corp bought out Universal's remaining stock after they went out of business. They also carry GI parts. I'd think they are your best best. Tht's where I went when I was re-building a late model Universal and they had everything I needed. I haven't checked lately though.

    Welcome to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

    Universal | CARBINE | e-GunParts.com

    I just looked and they are still listing all the major parts, including those dreaded 2 spring slides and such.

    Good luck!!!!