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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 4, 2002.

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    Ok, so many of you can remember my toying with the idea of converting an SKS, AK, or FAL to a 35 caliber cartridge based on the same parent case (.35x39 for SKS/AK, .358 Win for FAL), or of adapting a modern BAR to feed from the original BAR mags (including magnums like 338 Win), or of converting a Remington 760/7600 to 45-70, or other wierd conversions.
    Latest on my wierd list is adapting a Mini-14 folding stock to fit an older Ruger 44 semi-auto carbine with the tubular mag (being fixed mag the ban doesn't apply).
    Oh yeah, then there are the bayonet lugs for modern rifles like the Mini-14 and PC carbines, the militarization kits for the 10/22 and Remington 7400, and the list goes on.

    So what unorthodox conversions do you guys think up?
  2. PAPA G

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    thinking about converting my Remington M-700 to belt feed, m1 Garand made over in.458 magnum, fitting a Cessna 310 series twin with .50 cal Ma Deuces and bomb racks, convert a Lee-Enfield to semi auto, rig up a washer and dryer for gun cleaning (no starch) making over an RG10 into a world class target pistol, try to make Hollywood guns (never need reloading). how'm i doin???:p :p :D

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    Papa G, Canada beat you to the punch with the semi-auto Lee Enfield, a real abortion made in WWII and thankfully still-born.
    My own idea is to combine the Steyr M95 straight-pull bolt action with the Ruger Mini14 gas and recoil system, all in a Finnish M39 stock, and re-barreled for .308, using M14 magazines. I haven't quite figured out the fire control group yet.
    Also considering a barrel insert/chamber converter for shooting .22 Hornet in my old JC Higgins boltaction shotgun.
    Ah, so many ideas, so little time&money!
  4. Calvin

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    I like the washer and dryer idea, Papa G. :)