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Unusual happy import owner

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JackT, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. JackT

    JackT G&G Newbie

    I have always wanted a Garand and bought one at a local gun store, 600. I learned my lesson that I should reseach first then buy, but I was lucky. 1. it was not a reweld, serial # 236xxx. All the parts except barrell and sights from WWII. Even the stock has a slight cartouche were some idiot sanded it off. But the best benefit was meeting a local M1 gun smith that is a WWII vet and armory worker after the war. Because I was respectful he took time with me getting this 1941 rifle up to snuff. Thank God no one was hurt with this thing the head space was awful. I have had a wonderful time meeting this great man, reading Duff's books and beginning to get acquainted with the Garand folks on the net. First Garand match with my stick and new GI speck barrell is in 6 weeks. I'm afraid I have the bug. JackT
  2. willys

    willys G&G Newbie

    not a bad bug

    It is not a bad bug to catch, bought my first Garand about a month ago. Started shooting matches a week later.

  3. marcus

    marcus G&G Newbie

    Good Man! Your lucky to meet such a wealth of knowledge! I am also going to shoot my first match using a Garand. I have used the AR-15 and M1- Carbine but, this is a first with the Garand. I just hope I remember to reload from the top and not the bottom.......Ha! "They sure are a great rifle"!
  4. JackT

    JackT G&G Newbie

    OK, couldn't wait, found a match on 4.27.