UPDATE 1-Strong 7.4 quake hits New Zealand near Christchurch

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by grizcty, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Afton NY
    Prayers from here.

  3. We have members who are from NZ, Hope every one of them are ok!
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    In NZ, will they even notice??

    Think about it, it's Midnight on a Friday night...everyone should be in bed doing the baby dance.
    Who's gonna notice a few more vibrations??

    "Did the earth move for you??
    "I bloody well think it did!!"

    All kidding aside, I hope everyone is OK over there!
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    Yep that was the southerners doing the sheep dance up in the hills :D But in all seriousness I am in the north island in a place called Rotorua (we have geothermal activity) so I was no where near the quake heard nothing about damage reports on the news. Maybe Alpinehunter could chime in and give his side of the story here as he is in Oamaru which is further south of Christchurch

    EDIT: yup there was some damage and injuries I must have missed the important parts of the news tonight

    Earthquake of 7.1 magnitude hits New Zealand city | Reuters
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    New York
    So all our members there came through the quake okay?
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    Just been talking to Alpinehunter on MSN he is ok he got a good shaking and said it nearly tipped him out of bed other than that no damages or injuries were reported at his home just battered nerves and they are getting strong aftershocks down there. he lives about three hours from the epicenter of the quake.