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    Thought I would post an update here and there about what's going on inside the school. If ya get sick of it, tell me and I'll let it go....

    Had a kid show up completely intoxicated. Female officer ended up having to fight him in order to subdue him when he got out of control. Kid (I say kid, more like 6'1" @ 180 lbs or so) ended up doing a decent number on the officer, but she prevailed in the end. Kid decided he would kick out one of the rear windows on her patrol vehicle on the way to the station. One more charge added on.

    On another note had a female student tell me that she recently found out that she is with child. Wouldn't tell me the father's name, but she knows who it is; I could see it on her face. I think there's more to the story, but I can't force it out of her. She came to me for a reason, though I only have suspicions about what the reason is. I'll play by her rules and see if she'll come clear with me.

    On another note, and this will probably stir up some soreheads, did ya know that a good portion of the classes at this school are taught primarily in Espanol? We actually have a class called "English as a Second Language." Heck, I'm the token white guy on this side of town when I'm on duty and a good portion of my shift is bi-lingual......
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    Watch you backside at all times.


    Hope you're watching your backside at all times, too.

    Had a teacher friend who had been hired by my suburban district. He had previously been employed by the Kansas City, Missouri's district. His stated reason for leaving that district was because of the following incident:

    "He had been doing "hall duty" and got attacked from behind by an unknown assailant(s). The day before he had reported a violation of school rules(drinking alcohol) by a student to the administration."

    The teacher simply resigned and said to hell with their problems.

    He later became one of our best high school counselors in our suburban district. He even worked part-time as a county sheriff.

    He certainly had my respect.


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    sounds like you got one hell of a school up there . so where do the preoblem kids go over here they expell them. and they can't go back they have to go to another school. they have a good zero tolerance law and they stick by it .if you threatin a teacher you out of here . if you get into a fight you out of here. they keep it pretty quiet in the schools around here. no gangs thats for sure . maybe w'ere just lucky down here . so far atleast. i got one son in jr high and one in elemetary school.
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    our schools are basically a mirror image of our local society


    Sounds like your school is pretty well under control.

    I'm from a public school district with approx. 18,000+/- students which is made up with three high schools, five middle schools, and nineteen elementary schools. The high schools average about 1,900 students each, the middle schools around 800 students and the elementary schools vary from 300 up to 500.

    One major difference in my district with what you've described is that as a public school we have no choice, by law, in whom we accept as students. In fact, every student living within our district's boundaries must be offered an education, regardless of physical handicap, mental handicap, race, etc. Some students are sent to specialty private schools at the expense of our district.

    By school board action, policies have been adopted regarding penalties for both minor and major offenses. Expulsion for major infractions is a maximum of one school year. Criminal offenses are filed with LEO whenever they occur by students.

    We don't have the option of not accepting students unless they do not meet residence requirements. As a result, our schools are basically a mirror image of our local society.

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  5. First, and foremost 1*, we are (were, in my case) there to protect first! (sometimes that's your own sanity, believe it or not).

    There are some things that we just can't do a dam thing about....no matter what we do.

    Either the kid(s) won't change....the parent sure as h e l l isn't going to change and I doubt if the system is gonna change anytime in the near future.

    Drinking, even on campus, is a gimme. We have to deal with it the best we can. The female Officer, working the school would've known ( or could've found out) the idiot's identity...backed off and called it in for back up. Perhaps, she did, not sure by your post.

    But, you know as well as I do, our training told us to NEVER take on someone one one on one in a possbibly explosive and self-threatening situation unless it's a life or death situation.

    But, from the sounds of it she took it upon herself to subdue an intoxicated individual (in his environement and among his peers), committing no other crime (as I read it) by herself. IS SHE NUTS? or just gungho?

    As far as the female being pregnant........that has been happening from time's beginning.

    Not sure how old she was....but knowing that 10-11 year olds today are more sex wise than I was in the 60's she knows her options and you can't force her to divulge what she is unwilling to give up. Just remind her of her options (referral to a school counselor....abortion......child's father's responsibilities, etc.) and go about life.

    I got caught up in the 'chit, I want to make a difference' mind set too. And for the most part, cops do when they can.

    How many times did I respond to a domestic disturbance and found nothing substantial for an arrest....to have the wife lie saying nothing happened.......just to KNOW it will happen again with them moments, hours, days, weeks or month later.

    I even remember a young man who was constantly in my net. I sat him down time and time again.....TOO MANY times......and reminded him of his path to death or prison. His final comment was going to prison or dying was a right of passage his family believed in.

    He was eleven years old........and I knew if I sent him to juvie he would do life on the installment program gratis of the finest criminal training system we endorse. Maybe, in the long run, he will.....but if he does it's now his decision and not mine.

    I feel your 'pain' One...I REALLY do. But there comes a time when you have to 'cut your loses' and accept personal behavior, person's characters, person's values and morals.......person's ACTIONS are sometimes beyond our control?

    You are a dedicated Officer and I have no doubt about that. But if you keep carrying all the world's problems upon your shoulders you'll wash out before you're 30......believe me on that one.

    If someone wants change they will let you know by word, by actions, by emotions, by eye contact, etc. Most kids won't........most kids don't...... realize they have problems let alone admit it.

    I used to give out my number to those I felt WANTED help (before you go AHA! my number was never unpublished anyway) and they could....and some did....call me for help after they thought about it and were away from their peers and home turf.

    Make use....good use....of what you can offer and accept some things are way, way beyond your individual control.

    Peace bro!
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    My wife told me yesterday of a fourth grader that had to be restrained and handcuffed by the on site officer. She was not sure of the problem. I will post it when I know.
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    you certainly have my respect dale. you sound like you are willy to talk things out with the kids when you can. thanks for you'er post.
  8. Thank you Tommy for the compliment.

    I didn't mention in the previous post, mainly because I didn't see it fitting the issue I was adressing, but I used to go to high schools and speak at assemblies.

    Up until about a year ago I used to have a lot of teenagers calling me up asking if they could talk to me. It felt good to know I was their main focus and resource for support.

    They knew from the get go if there was a serious criminal act committed I would turn them in but otherwise they had my ear.

    Now, with most of them having grown and probably either in college, prison or married those calls have slacked.

    That, too, is life, I guess.
  9. :right: Very cool Dale. I'm sure you made a difference in peoples lives.