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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by AR-tim, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Right now, I have a Bushmaster AR-15 with the "16 upper, A1 style sights, and trapdoor buttstock. I am thinking about buying a "20 upper, with A2 style sights. I want the better sights, and from what I hear, the ballistics of .223 are better out of the longer barrel. I also want the true military look, and maybe a little bit better accuracy. I have a few questions about doing this swap ( I would keep the "16 upper). If I buy a new upper, should I buy a new bolt/carrier/charging handle, because of wear or fit? Would this be cost effective? I have the 2001(I think) Bushmaster catelog, and it has a national match "20 upper with bolt carrier assembly and charging handle for $525. Or the same thing with out bolt carrier assemble and charging handle for $385. Thing is, I spent $600 on the gun-used from a good friend, and that would be a lot of money just to basically change barrels. I know actual prices would be lower, but probably not much. Should I just save up and buy another AR? Any info or opinions would be helpful.
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    First off, alot of people believe that the specific bolt and upper should be 'married' Idisagree. What I would do, is get a complete upper in 20" with a flat top upper rec. and get a removeable handle with A2 sights. That sets you up to go to all kinds of optics, you can't go wrong. But I am a firm believer that you can't have too many guns. You can get a lower rec. for about $100 or even less. Buy the upper, then as money becomes available, buy the rest of the gun piece-meal. JMHO, godd shooting!