US choking on 10.7 million legal immigrants

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  1. California and other sanctuary jurisdictions are openly obstructing Federal efforts to take custody of and remove certain criminal aliens. President Trump and his administration have made clear that these dangerous and obstructive sanctuary policies must end.
    “Our expansive humanitarian-based, family-based, and lottery-based immigration system fails to consider the needs of American workers and taxpayers, who have been burdened by decades of low-skilled immigration that has suppressed wages, fueled unemployment, and strained federal resources,” said the White House.

    It cited reports that many come here and end up on taxpayer funded welfare.
    There are some interesting numbers in this article.
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  2. Add to those numbers the fact that robots and touch screens are taking more jobs every day
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  3. john_r

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    Welfare never goes broke, only social security and government pension plans.
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  4. And when the budget, or a threat to shut down the government comes up, the first thing they do is threaten us with a loss of emergency services. Never un necessary programs, or gov employees sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.
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  5. Big Dog

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    They also always threaten to hold back military members' paychecks, close national parks, museums and monuments, and other things they call "nonessential". But welfare, oh no, gotta give out the "gimmedats" money.
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  6. Ten Man

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    If Obola hadn't already flooded our country with ILLEGAL immigrants, the strain from the LEGAL ones would not be nearly as bad.
  7. Kmcdowell

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    Your figure of 10.7 million illegals is about half the real number. In fact, there isn't a single government agency that can tell you how many illegal aliens we have living in this country.
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  8. That's 10.7 'legal' immigrants, but I agree with what you're saying.
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    I missed the "legal" part. I agree. Our choice of legal immigrants leaves much to be desired.
  10. Yep,
    It does NOT make any kind of sense to flood the US with uneducated, or unskilled labor from anywhere.
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  11. Rave

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    One of Obolas' legacies. :usa::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  12. gandog56

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    I swear the only way to get them Libtard bastages to toe the line WOULD be to immediately cut off ALL Federal funding of ANYTHING to the state. But it's like nobody has the nads to actually do it.
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    Back n the 60s during Viet Nam, GIs were taking R&R in Australia. I was told African American GIs were not allowed to step foot in Australia for fear of diluting the Aborigines race. I didn't make it down to Australia. Wife tells me the Aussies put refugees on an island. Maybe Johnny Revolver can make a take on that.
  14. rando

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    And then they think its fine to produce three or four kids at our expense while their old man is working under the table somewhere.
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  15. rando

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    You are right. We cant get a count as we don't know the half of them that are keeping a low profile somewhere. Hell while we are discussing this they are coming across the border by the hundreds.
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  16. MoDoc

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    This thread exemplifies the problem we have in keeping legal immigrants separated from illegal immigrants in our discussions. Legal immigrants are doing things by the book and are likely to be well-versed in our Constitutional history [at least as far as the several I've been with during their citizenship oaths]. We need these legal people. The birth rate of the several-generation natives is quite low. The new legal immigrants for the most part have a solid work ethic and a knowledge of our Constitution - which translates to enthusiastic voters for our way of life.
    We just need to concentrate on keeping the freeloaders out.
  17. Big Dog

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    I have known many legal immigrants. Good folks, mostly. A few libtards, but most tend towards conservative values.
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