US Govt Opposes Sales of Garands and Carbines From Korea

Discussion in 'General Military' started by Capt'n Mil Coll, Aug 14, 2010.

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    I'm wondering how S Korea can sell back something that isn't really theirs to sell since they are lend lease.
    The author of the article needs to re-check his history on the weapons.
    As for the U S Govmt stance...what did you all expect from the Buckwheat-Holder attorneys at law office.
    If the weapons are not sold to American collectors I would suspect they will, in fact, find their way into the hands of criminal element...oh, wait, isn't the terrorist weapon of choice the AK? Hmmmm...makes one wonder how the gummint came up with their logic (Used lightly).
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    back in the late 80's a bunch of them were imported from Korea, all i ever read about them was wornou and rusted junk. so if perchance they do go through, after the they come here will the cheers turn to boo's?

    so if they are lent US property... why does'nt CMP bring them back???
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    If the cmp floods the market with rifles, then they would have to lower their prices. I bet they do not want to do that. YMMV
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    i think that they would be priced based on condition.
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    Gawd, if that were only true here, how many more of us would have a Garand?
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    For that price I would buy one of each.:yup:
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    Write your congressmen, tell them that your vote in Nov is on the line. I plan on doing just that after I do same more research to find out exactaly what the deal here is. I was looking forward to a few M1 Garands and carbines.
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    I don't put it past our Govt' dumb asses to buy something that they already own.
  10. They would cost $150 to $200 to purchase by an importer. Then there would be shipping costs and possibly duty tax. Then armorors fees. You cant really sell them without checking headspace and functionability. Not without lawsuits anyway. Then replacement parts cleaning and storage.

    If you think you're going to get them for a buck and a half to two big bucks your not thinking clearly.

    Of course if CMP gets them they have all that set up so smaller overhead. Also they had millions of rifles and did not flood the market. They would do the above... cleaning evaluating repairing and then release a batch just as they have done in the past.
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    I actually thot maybe, just maybe i could afford 1 of each :sad:
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    This subject of the Koreans selling a large cache of Garands and Carbines has been coming up periodically for at least the last five years.The newspaper article linked to is almost identical word for word with one put out last year.The prices quoted in that article are what the Koreans think they're worth,by the time you paid for packing and shipping and importing them to the U.S then processing them they would cost as much and probably more than one from the CMP.Some reports on these indicate they're pretty much rack-grades or worse.One rumour from a year or so ago indicated the CMP had looked at them and wasn't interested due to the poor overall condition.You just ain't gonna see any cheap,as in 1980s prices,Garands or Carbines in the 21st century.
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    I purchased 7 of those puppies and they were all very well cared for and in great condition. They all shot very well also.
    They were mostly brought back by Blue Sky and Arlington Armory; they had the infamous import mark.

    I'd buy some of these for parts if nothing more.

    I believe the government is against this "sale" because they don't want these old war horses in the hands of gun owners who know how to use them. Doofus and his regime don't want the black panthers out gunned; decreases their ability to intimidate folks.
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  14. any news on the sales of Garands and M1 carbines. is this just Obama ? or are the importer in on this to keep prices high?
    will they be sold at cmp if imported.