US made m70 Grenade Launcher

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    how do these work, i cant find any real explanation abut them. from what i gather you put a blank in and shut off yugo gas tube with launcher sight and boom launched grinade

    it looks like you cant buy any of these live rocket style grenades, for obvious reasons, and the inert ones are like hundreds of dollors and hard to find
    can you shoot anything form these launchers or only these special grenades?

    check it out: The AK Files Forums - *US Made* Yugo M70 Grenade Launcher!...$24.95...Fits 14x1mm AK-47 / AKM muzzles too!

    the post is a a few years old, i dont know if there still for sale, and i cant find them anywhere elce
  2. They look like they are home made. As long as the person that made them knew what they were doing, and the correct blanks are used, I don't see why they wouldn't work. As for how well, I haven't a clue...

    I'm sure there are those or others around and someone here may know where to look or have some info. But I'm sure they are around, maybe not that one, but something that will work???

    In fact here you go, that place has a website, look it over and see if they're available...
    Akron Armory - Collectable Military Surplus and Accessories.

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    My understanding is that the Yugo Model 59/66 SKS's grenade launcher is intended to fire a NATO standard 22mm rifle grenade that looks rather like the old US Army bazooka rockets of World War II. Special blank cartridges the same length as the standard 7.62x39 rifle cartridge, with with the neck extended to take up the space where the bullet would sit in a regular cartridge and a heavier powder charge than the regulation rifle round gets, are used to launch them. Of course, the first thing you have to do after loading the blank rounds is flip up the grenade launcher sights and set the gas selector switch from the semi-auto position to the single-shot position. This transforms the SKS from a semi-auto to a straight pull bolt action. Consult the relevant operating manual as to how to aim the things.

    I've never seen any deactivated real 22mm rifle grenades for the Yugo, but NATO-type practice rifle grenades, mostly Israeli Army surplus, show up from time to time on eBay and There is also a US Army grenade launcher, intended to allow an infantryman to launch hand grenades off a rifle using blank rounds (you first, buddy!) that will let you launch tennis balls instead of grenades that can be purchased from the two sources mentioned earlier. Some people think that's fun. I don't know about launching 40mm bloop gun or M203 rounds that way, though.
  4. I think they're wanting to know for an AK-47 though Cyrano? I'm not sure though. It is in the AK-47 forum but one never knows anymore because they do mention the SKS in their post, and as I said, it's in the AK-47 forum? HMMMMM lol
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    Yes Sir,

    They worked so well and were such perfect duplicates of the original Yugo launcher that Century International Arms Inc. bought all I had. All 900 of them.

    (give or take a few hundred that I sold on the website before I started doing so much wholesale that I have no time to update the website and deal with onesey-twosey sales!)

    Oh,..BTW they were made on a Mazak Machining Center,...and NO,..its not at home.