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This file only begins to tell the story of the SAVING of the M1 Garand Project. The US Navy gets funds to build 32 new Capital Warships. They request Model 1903's and the US Army is going to sell them on the M1 Garand Rifle. Look at the date.
Not just the funds for the new M1 Rifles but Ordnance is asking the US Navy to pay for everything that goes into making the M1 Garand. In this file Ordnance is holding up the sale of Model 1903's and this file kicks off the SAVING of the M1 Garand Project for the US ARMY.

There are more files on this subject. However to "SEE" the entire data you will need two things. One is my Books and the other a history book. The history book shows what's going on from the early 1920's to the late 1939. As things happen in history Ordnance is moving trying to stay ahead.
If you need a bigger file just email me.
I need some "hits" guys
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Thanks again
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