US Sportsmans Alliance quizes elected

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  1. Alliance Conducts Candidate Surveys to Help Sportsmen Make Decisions at Polls- (10/18)

    The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance asked candidates running for office to complete a survey revealing their opinions about sportsman-related issues. This information has been compiled to help you learn more about the people who will be asking for your vote on November 5.

    To create this survey, the Alliance consulted with sportsman-leaders across the country. Questionnaires were sent to all Congressional candidates and gubernatorial candidates in 36 states.

    The rate of response was impressive. Fifty gubernatorial candidates responded - 32 Republicans, 16 Democrats and two independents. Six were incumbents. In the U.S. House races, 223 responded – 144 Republicans, 75 Democrats and 4 independents. Seventy-one were incumbents. In the U.S. Senate, 30 responded - 8 Democrats, 18 Republicans and 4 independent candidates. Twelve incumbents responded. The Alliance is reporting survey results on the candidates who won their primary elections and will be on the November ballot.

    If a candidate is not listed, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance did not receive a response. Three follow-up attempts were made for all non-respondents.

    The U.S. sportsmen’s Alliance does not endorse any candidate. Answers are provided to enable sportsmen to make an informed decision on Election Day.

    Congressional Survey and Responses-

    Gubernatorial Survey and Responses