Used to Implement Global Governent....

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    Covid is also a part of it !!!
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    That's why some have called it COVID-1984.

    "Climate change" is another one of those libtard virtue signal catch phrases that is pure gibberish. The Climate is Changing constantly! And Mankind has little, to nothing, to do with it.
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    Conspiracy theories need just the right ingredients to take off within a population, and the COVID-19 pandemic has been a breeding ground for them. A Pew Research Center survey recently asked people if they had heard the theory that the COVID-19 outbreak was intentionally planned by people in power. Seventy-one percent of U.S. adults said they had. And a third of those respondents said it was "definitely" or "probably" true.

    One version of this theory goes something like this: The COVID-19 pandemic is part of a strategy conceived by global elites — such as Bill Gates — to roll out vaccinations with tracking chips that would later be activated by 5G, the technology used by cellular networks.

    Residents of Palm Beach County, Fla., cited it in a county commissioners hearing in late June when voicing their opposition to mandatory mask enforcement. "Six feet ... is military protocol. You're trying to get people to train them, so when the cameras, the 5G comes out, what? They are going to scan everybody? We've got to get scanned? We've got to get temperatured? ... Are you insane?" asked Cristina Gomez, one of the residents who attended the hearing. She even mentioned Gates by name, asking the commissioners why he is not in jail
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    The tinfoil hat gets a few pings here from time to time.

    But in my wildest conspiracy theory dreams I couldn't have come up with the real life insanity that HAS BEEN HAPPENING as a part of 2020. The WuFlu 1984-stuff and the communist riots. It ain't a conspiracy when it's really happening.
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    We ain't seen nuthin', yet!

    Here are two articles that expand on the the WARNING alarms I have been sounding about the coming demise of currency "money" and it's digital replacement.

    Pay particular attention to the Comments section of the KITCO article. Some VERY astute observations were made.
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    Exactly what I have been saying since this COVID/debit-credit card thing first started.
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    Yup--I agree. The next step becomes what do ya do about it to prevent it from strangling your liberty and put you into THEIR game where you can't get at your accumulated money to buy resources you want or need. It's pretty easy to flip a switch and make a card not work for a targeted individual; harder to find and seize cash (or other instruments of currency).

    From the other end, if you can shutdown a gym in a sham over WuFlu, you can certainly prohibit this 'licensed' entity from accepting cash.

    And we've seen operations like Choke Point (which aren't fiction but REALITY) attempt to deny credit to ammo and firearms dealers--you could do the same thing with digital currency and banks.

    Most of us here have capitalized, have accumulated nondurables we might need or want, have instruments of currency other than fiat dollars (that were accumulated before these assets went on a bubble), etc. What beyond that do you do ?

    We all know of the China-Biden connection (and how we're currently in a knife fight to keep communism from coming in; both from within activist groups AND from bought candidates acting as facilitators of Chinese communism into the formal sections of our government). China effectively seizes their digital money via their social credit system where it uses it to drive behavior. This is the goal of the social constructionists running for OUR offices.

    My guess is that a person give some thought to what might happen if none of that plastic worked tomorrow. What would you do ? Could you get by with what you have ? What does this scenario look like. Do you have OTHER plastic that might work (from different sources). Will it all fail at once or will some of it work and some not (fr' instance, if you have credit cards from different banks than that which hold your primary accounts will THEY still work--even if only a short time--if some social credit engineer decides to meter the digital money you can withdraw from the primary account). Do you have enough currency media (gold, silver, ammo, whatever) to get you by while you figure something out ? Do you have a network of friends who can operate without relying ON things like dollars ? And what can you do in the future.

    The WuFlu scamdemic is a part of this, but also has given us a glimpse into what these statists will do and potential work-arounds. The psychological conditioning is distressing (masked up people afraid to touch each other or get close to other humans--while propaganda sources get deep into the weeds of the paradigm with social conditioning) -- what can you do to counter this (other than go around maskless as a beacon of hope while pointing out the true 'science' about useless rituals and not buying into the propaganda). Can you establish your OWN outpost of like minded people being productive and living an enjoyable fulfilling life ? Is your sense of hope and boldness contagious for the American Human Spirit to continue ?
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    Thankfully, there have been groups doing EXACTLY that, all over the country. They are RURAL, and pretty much self-sufficient, compared to city and suburb dwellers. There are also a number of rugged individuals that will carry on in the tradition of American Ideals, as our Forefathers did.

    Those that have been paying attention, and getting prepared for SHTF scenarios, will be far ahead of the sheeple. Woe unto them that have no trade worthy goods or skill sets. They will be the monetary slaves of the world bankster system and their gubmint henchmen.
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  9. They aren't even trying to hide it is communism, klaus schwab is a commie
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