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    Just a brief thought.

    Are there any holster makers or designers who have actually tried to use their own products????

    I mean, come on, why are so dang many of them either uncomfortable, unconcealable if comfortable or have such bad retention when comfortable or concealable.
    Take IWB rigs. You would think that in the 21st century makers would know enough to put a sweat sheild on there to protect you from the guns sharp corners and the gun from your sweat.
    Last week I had an annyoing experience with a Kydex IWB rig that had the absolute worst designed belt clip device I ever saw. Ruined an other wise useful rig.
    Take on the belt rigs. So many of them almost seem designed to make the gun LEAN AWAY FROM the body, in effect making them impossible to conceal.
    Take a Kydex paddle rig for a 1911 for example.....

    When you do find a rig that is comfortable and concealable, low and behold, often the gun will FALL OUT!

    I think there needs to be one more gun law to the 20,000 on the books- to wit if you make holsters you should be forced to USE THEM before you can sell them.
  2. I use an IWB leather holster with a thumb break that is removable. Sometimes I use the thumb break and other times I take it off, it all depends what I am wearing. I carry a Glock 19 and I like my set up, it works for me. You just need to look around and find what works best for you. I am not a huge fan of Kydex because somebody can sneak up behind and snatch your weapon, that is why I like having a thumb break. Different strokes for different folks.

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    The 'style' of the holster can be an issue, like the paddle holster you mentioned. I have one & the basic design of a paddle holster, regardless of who makes it, is going to be prone to cant outward.

    Next, the proper belt can be a big help, both with comfort & concealability. Most off the shelf holsters are designed to take up to 1-3/4" belt & also 1/4" thick. If you use anything less than a 1-1/2" double layered belt, it will not support the holster properly.

    As to comfort, I personally don't see how sticking a pistol inside my pants could be comfortable. With my pants' fly zipped & a belt, I can barely get my opened hand in them! I never even considered that style of carry. But, even if I did decide to carry IWB, I do know that the 'one-clip' type holsters that I see would never, ever do. The pistols I carry weight from 30+ oz. up to 44 oz. For that, you need a wider span between the contact points of holster to belt, to spread the load out over a wider area of the belt. Again, the stiffness of the belt plays a big part in carrying that weight & not letting the holster 'sag'. If it sags, it'll cant & cause the muzzle to dig into your side/hip.

    As for getting a holster exactly like you want it, probably have to go with a custom made one. On your sweat shield problem, I have seen posts regarding IWB holsters with a sufficient sweat shield & seems like Cross Breed & Kholster come to mind, but since I don't carry IWB, didn't pay close attention. I solved that problem with my OWB Galco Pancake Style holster which had a retention strap that I cut off (didn't want it), but cut it so the stub that is left acts as a sweat shield.
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    Comptac and Raven Concealment. Awesome.

    Comptac makes some very nice kydex and kydex leather combo IWB holsters. Raven makes some very nice kydex belt holsters that keep the weapon tight up to your body.

    I have other leather only belt holsters made by Goulds and Goodrich that also keep the gun right where it should be.
  5. I recently purchased a Cross Breed to carry my XD 40 4" and I must say I just love it. I do have to agree with the fact that a good belt makes all the difference in the world. Make sure it will support the weight. You will be amazed at what you can fit inside the waist band of your normal pants when you give it a try.
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    this is soooo true.
  7. I use a custom OWB for my 1911 and a good belt makes the diferrence . Stays nice and tight against my side . I use an inexpensive Elite IWB for my compact 40 and that works for that .My snub nose .38,a rubber band around the grip(no holster) . Alot has to do with the gun and the persons build . Thus alot of choices.......
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    I have had great luck with DeSantis pancakes, and Fobus plastic Holsters. My favorite for my P239 Sig is from Ryan Grizzle. Believe me, the gun's not going to fall out of any holster he makes

    Holsters by RGrizzle

    I've also got a cross draw for a model 60 S&W from Ray at Lobo Leather. He is an ex-cop and has used nearly everything he makes.

    Lobo Gun Leather - Home

    So there are two great choices for holsters. IMHO, however, the most effective tool to keep your gun close to your body is a good 1 3/4 inch belt and a waist without love handles. I have the former and am working diligently to acquire the latter.
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    I wear a supertuck cross breed for my 45. best concealment holster i've tried. comfortable and hides pistol.
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    I find the ClipDraw to be perfect for my needs.
  11. The only ones I have found to be useful are the Blackhawk Serpa II, the CrossBreed Supertuck Deluxe and the Clip-Draw. Useful to and for me anyhow.
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    I find that the best place is in the front of the pants, held in by the waist band! Comfortable and stylish!
  13. I am currently carrying a Ruger LCR .357 in a Blackhawk size 04 In-The-Pocket holster. Uncle Mike's makes the same holster and Destanis Nemis is a similar design that I like. Works great with S&W 2" J-frames, too.
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    I use a Bianchi Carry-Lock for my Kahr 9mm. It locks the gun in, no danger of falling out. Push lever to draw, no problem. It is somewhat rounded to fit tight against the body, conceals nicely. It is a belt type, not an IWB, I can't do those, guess I like my jeans too tight
  15. The Destanis Nemis and my Kel-Tec P3AT is a great pocket combo. I also like a fanny pack with my XD .40 or my .45 Millennium.
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    Agreed. These are my two choices. The Comp-Tac/Minotaur MTAC or Spartan are the two most comfortable IWBs out there. Fast draw and reholster, leather for comfort on the body side, kydex on the outside, highly customizable (Buy a new kydex half instead of a whole new holster to switch guns.)

    The Raven Concealment Phantom holds extremely close to the body with their new pancake loops. Also great if you carry with a light as they do many combinations of light and pistol. The only downside is the turnaround time is roughly 3 months right now.