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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by AR-tim, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. AR-tim

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    Does anyone know where to buy a H&K USP .45 for less than $750? All my local gun stores get them and put them out for $750 and the .40 USP for $600-$650. Or is this just the going price for a new USP .45? I never really see them in Shotgun News for sale. Does anyone know the FFL dealer price on one?
  2. Matt Nichols

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    the usp 45 is a truly wonderful weapon. Don't look for sale prices on them cause they will all sell at the list price. When someone buys one, they usually don't like to get rid of it. Why trade when you already have one of the finest tactical pistols available.

  3. 50 BMG

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    Hey AR-tim, HK dealers (at least the real ones) are not allowed to wheel & deal on the list prices. They sign an agreement that they will ALWAYS sells for list... Look through the Gun List, Shotgun News, Auction Arms etc... You MAY find one in these for a little less. But, then you need to have a dealer bring it to you if those individuals are not in your state... Kinda ****s doesn't it...
    Those USP .45's ARE nice though... I like the Tactical models with the threaded barrels and the O-ring bushings myself... Accurate like the SOCOM pistols without the extra $1000 pricetag...
    Good luck...
  4. hajami9

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    I found a new USP 45 at a local gun and knife show selling for $699.

    There was also a used one that went for $600 after tax.

    Its a great gun! It shoots great, very accurate, feels solid as a rock, and it fits my hands very well.
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    Just got my USP45 in today. Awsome firearm! Went to the range as soon as I got it,( like nobody else would do that, right) and after 10 shots, I just had a ragged hole where the bull was.
  6. PAPA G

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    didja get one yet???:cool:
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    Got the HK Bug

    Bought a used HK USP .45 Match Monday for $550.00. Search around I'm sure you can find a HK for a reasonable price.:right: