USS Kitty Hawk, Navy's Oldest Active Ship, Leaves Japan to Be Decommissioned

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 28, 2008.

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  2. My former ship, the USS George Washington will be taking her place as forward deployed carrier.

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    the Kitty was a great ship, but she is old, and oil fired. with large ships, nuke propulsion is the only way to go. ive got some great pics of her from westpac, but nothing digital.
  4. Can . . .

    this ship be turned into a naval museum?

    It seems like a good candidate.

    Of course, this would require a great many
    approvals and millions of dollars yet I feel it could
    be a true asset for some community.
  5. Big Dog

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    I have always thought retired Carriers should be gutted, rebuilt and used as off-shore incarceration facilities - too far out to swim back, close enough to service.
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    I hope she doesn't suffer the fate of the other old gals, like the Coral Sea. What a way to go, cut up, and sold to Japan for scrap.
  7. Maybe a good idea in principle but the US' current record of Prison Ships does not go down well with the rest of the civilised world!

    Nor did the British use of Prison ships, both in the UK & the US.

    Where would they be anchored, just outside your territorial waters, just far enough offshore so the constitutional rules would no longer apply?

    Maybe more martyrs for the Brooklyn navy yard tomb???

    Who would run & operate & run these facilities, how would the operations staff shift/crew change? What would be the logistics of operating such a vessel? Fairly difficult I would imagine and probably more expensive than building a new onshore prison.

  8. Seabeescotty

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    We have some islands that would work just fine, but the bleeding hearts club would have plenty to say about it.
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    Just anchor it off Baja, and hire a Mexican house-keeping and service staff. Run them in 30 day shifts, then rotate by boat. A small detachment of armed CO's on board to keep 'em 'honest'.
    I'm thinking the 'guests' would be the worst, most hardened and incorrigible inmates. Lots of room for secure cells on a carrier. Beaucoup deckspace for "The Yard".

    It could work..... :scool:
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    send em to austrailia!
    well it worked for the brits.........................
  11. I just watched Trinity and beyond. The atomic bomb movie. The Saratoga aircraft carrier was anchored at Bikini Atol with 151 other ships for an A-bomb test code named Crossroads. It survived the first A-bomb test. The first test was Alpha and was an air drop. This damaged some of the 152 ships that were anchored there. The second test was named Baker and was an underwater test. The Saratoga's bottom was ripped out in the Baker test and it sank. The Saratoga aircraft carrier now rests upright underwater on the bottom of Bikini Atol. Its flight deck is only 40 feet below the surface.