Vaccine..? !

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    What I saw was about 10 seconds about a vaccine, then an ad for the KETO diet???

    As to a vaccine, I don't think I'm ready to try one. I mean, we're havin recalls of food because someone isn't paying attention, or doesn't give a hoot & they want me to trust them to poke a needle in my arm & pump no telling what into me?? No thanks!:rolleyes:
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    They can rush as much as they like to make vaccines and test them. Me personally I am not accepting a vaccine. No thank you. I dont allow any vaccines even for flu and Pneumonia. If the government plans on implementing and mandatory vaccine for everyone then that is where I stand my ground. In the past week I see Johns Hopkins looking for human Guinea pigs to test the newly developed vaccines on. Who in their right Frickin mind would let them experiment on you and take some vaccine. Not me
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    ~Yahoo Serious
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    Didn’t he add bubbles to beer and change the world?
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    Perhaps his finest contribution to the world.

    Can you even imagine the mathematical genius it would take to discover the formula for splitting the beer atom? Phenomenal. Truly, a prince among men.
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    The doctors at Oxford University seem quietly confident; I'm in a high risk category, so I'm looking forward to it
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    My folks are both in that high risk category as well. We get the flu shot every year. I'm skeptical of this vaccine, but if it checks out I'll get it as well.
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    Hydroxychloroquine And a Z-pac! Nuff said!
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    if they got sumthin they can quit beggin for blood from those that have had it already.
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    More than 100 years ago even before scientists could see a virus they had figured out how to combat them. Once a given infected sample was filtered of celluar matter, or particles larger than .001 micron the remainder was neutralized or deactivated and then the inactive solution was tested on infected animals and plants. It actually was fairly successful.
    That system of research painted with a large brush not knowing all the finer details of what was really happening at the then unseen nanometer level. Electron microscopes came about in the 1930's and scientists and researchers could actually see and divide out actual virus strains for testing. Since virus's are not really a living matter they just infect a host's cells and force them to replicate the virus, finding something to stop that has eluded scientists. For the most part every virus "cure" or vaccine has been a product of the actual virus strain, deactivated, and then when a subject is inoculated with that vaccine the hope is the subject builds antibodies to that virus without the virus causing duplication.
    Virtually every living human on earth has at least 700-800 virus strains in every drop of blood, some more, some maybe less. The human body is very adept at combating these issues and luckily as humans we benefit from passive immunity or we are preprogrammed at birth with much of what your maternal half has developed immunities too and passed on to their offspring. The likelyhood of every human on earth getting cv19 is more likely than not, its going to be what your antibody system has seen and is prepared for that is going to make the difference in whether you get sick or not.
    We were told cv19 is so new and unique that few will survive so you need to isolate, go hide and make sure you don't spread it around. That is not how it works. Since science has never and its likely will never come up with a real way to eliminate virus's from effecting humans, then its up to the human condition to take care of the problem. Thru out time humans interacting dosed each other with small samples of each others "bugs" which over time built immunities. Cv19, and its pretty much the same for many of our yearly flu bugs was brought in quite rapidly so anyone getting hit with a large enough wall of virus they are incapable of combating get sick. Not amazingly almost all flu bugs come from one place on earth, china.
    Remember the testing done earlier in the year, much in CA, but some also in other large cities? The call was put out for volunteers, people who had been sick and recovered and those who knew they had been infected but never got sick or had little problems, were asked to donate blood samples to see if and what antibodies they had developed. To go along with that a control group had to be tested as well and that included people who thought they had never been infected or had been isolated enough that it was unlikely they could of been infected. The overwhelming majority of the whole group was showing signs of antibodies to cv19. That study was dropped like a hot potato because it showed how fast if left to nature we could of overcome this virus. Yes, at risk people would of had to of been very cautious especially due to how this has all been handled but they have to be cautious during every flu season.
    Time will tell as the next flu season comes on just how out of whack the response to cv19 has been and how it will affect humans dealing with just the regular flu season. No interaction means no one will have been exposed to any new antigens which in turn start the antibody process.
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    Everyone forgot awfully fast that the goal was to not overrun the hospital system to ensure those that could be saved, were saved. They conflated that with the idea that everyone could be saved.
    I think a lot of people don't really understand how many people the flu kills every year.
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    Since I heard about hydroxychloroquine and how well its done treating cv19 infected persons I have been in wonderment how it interacts with the body. The control freak bobble head trump haters came out instantly and denounced it as bad orange man medicine. Knowing they don't know and their hate and decisions are politically motivated it would be nice to know what they don't know.

    Quinine is a plant based (bark of the cinchona tree) remedy for malaria that comes from the Andes. Quinine was developed in 1820 as a refined product produced from the cinchona tree bark. It has some serious side effects especially if taken in large doses or over extended periods of time. Its all but been eliminated from use except for certain rare instances. Amazingly real tonic water has traces of quinine in it to give it its bitter taste. Grapefruits and some other foods have traces of quinine as well.

    Chloroquine was a further development of quinine to eliminate most of the side effects of quinine. Overuse has caused it to loose effectiveness against malaria.

    Hydroxychloroquine is a 1955 development to produce a newer form of chloroquine that malaria was not resistant to and also to reduce side effects.

    Its use for cv19 has shown great promise and in some countries its being used extensively. Here in the US the idiot bobble heads have decided to not read what it actually does or is capable of doing and have basically restricted its use. Hydroxychloroquine does not do anything directly against a virus and that is one of the basis the FDA used in determining it as not effective against cv19.
    What it is capable of doing is interacting with the bodies own immune system and giving it a big boost of kick [email protected]# to fight off infection. It has been shown to lower the cellular ph to a point that the prohibits viral interaction with cells among other things. Hydroxychloroquine as well as doses of zinc are the at present best case treatment for cv19.
    In reading some of the test case studies its apparent the approval for its use was for already very sick patients, it would appear in part so there would not be a rush on the drug or a shortage for its many millions of other users. As such because some of the test patients died, and likely would have anyway the FDA has decided if it can't save everyone its not a viable cv19 drug. They also like to cite the long list of side effects most of which are carry overs from quinine and chloroquine and don't apply to hydroxychloroquine unless taken in moderate doses over long periods, as in several years or more. Treating for cv19 is going to be brief as once a person has built antibodies for cv19 the need for further dosing has went away.
    We see drugs advertised everyday on tv that have horrible side effects, yet one that has shown great promise to keep you from getting sick or dying is a no no.. The FDA is showing its just another politically motivated branch of the demonrat party.
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    I lost any confidence in the FDA when they allowed drugs on the market where TV ads take 15 seconds to tell what they are for & 45 seconds why you should not take them.
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    Ain't that a fact. :cool:
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