Value info on Winchester M1 carbine?

Discussion in 'M1 Carbine' started by jscc, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. jscc

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    A friend just picked up an all correct late war M1Carbine. Great shape, and according to Dunn;s book all correct. 4,6**,*** serial range. Not sanded, all marks, right sights, etc. I have no idea of what they go for now. Any ideas?
  2. oldjarhead

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    The average price seems to be around $650 on the market for any M1 Carbine. A true original would, of course, command a premium. That said...there are very few original original carbines. Most "originals" are made up with manufacturer marked parts which are very available.
    Most carbines saw arsenal modifications during 1943 when functional up-dates were made; then they saw post war repairs and modifications and, of course, arsenal rebuild.
    Still each carbine has a personal value that equals the value of what someone is willing to pay. And this value fluctuates by geographical region, condition, and make.
    Soooo, it is difficult to state a true value without seeing and holding the little beast.

  3. Mooseman684

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    Flip sight or adjustable ?
    Bayonet Lug or Not ?
    flip or Push button safety ?

    Price depends on whether a type 1 , type 2, or type 3....
  4. jscc

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    stamped adjustable sight, push button safety, milled trigger guard with oil hole, flat bolt, wide band with no bayo lug, single W stamped on barrel, stock is clean, slight scratches but no dings, not sanded or refinished and with proper cartouche
  5. jimb2

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    A 4.6 mil trigger housing would NOY have an oil hole unless it went through a rebuild. Something doesn't sound right.
  6. mdj696

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    Got mine in 1971 from an arsenal through my P.D. for $49.00. Carried it in front seat of my patrol car for 16 years, all original. Accurate as hell. Still have it. Reloader, got more carbine ammo than I'll ever shoot. Built an Inland M1A1.
  7. Paper

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    Sounds like it's been through a rebuild. My Winchester Carbine sound like it's twin, although I'd have to look for an oil hole or not.. It was a $575 CMP Racker that gauged really low, and actually has become my CMP match rifle.

    Anway, as OJH mentioned, $650 is sorta the average, with Inlands going for $50-75 less, and Winchesters going for $50-100 more..

    I bought a National Postal Meter on Gunbroker today for $605, plus $30 shipping from VT. US Postal Meter M1 Carbine Rifle $1START & NO RES : Curios and Relics at

    Check around on Gunbroker and Auction Arms for what Carbines are SELLING for, not what some of the guys are asking. Some of them must have severe crack addiction and think they can sell the rifle for 2-3 times the actual value. (they don't sell, but just get relisted, over and over again)