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I've got a remington 870LW wingmaster, i was wondering the approx value of this gun, it has a choke barrel with imp,mod and full choke tubes and a buck barrel, both barrels are rust free and 97%blueing, the choke barrel is vent rib with bradly beed. on the reciver it missing a tiny bit of blueing where a scope mount was, on reciver is says: REMINGTON 870LW and under that is says: T902544K, someone told me these numbers mean it was made in 1969 but im not sure(anyone else know??) stock is almost flawless, it has a duck on a plastic disc on the handgaurd also has sling swivels and recoil pad, so whats the approx value of this gun??? i paid $300 for it and i thought it was a good deal. thanks for any info.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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