Value of these 2 M1's?

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    I was wondering what the value might be on the following:

    1. SA April 1944 M1 as issued condition TE 1, all correct parts. 99%
    2. SA May 1944 M1 as issued condition TE2, (CMP- got lucky with them) all correct parts 98% due to the fact that some of the "parkerizing" has worn off the gas tube. I hear that was common since they were made of stainless.

    I am trying to insure my collection and I cannot get a good idea of what the replacement value would be.


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  2. StalovnyGrab

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    about $520, each. Add $100 each if you refinished them. By "as issued" are you saying 'original' or 'restored to correct-as-they-were-out-of-the-factory'?
    You wont see any originals come from CMP, but the nit-picking over condition/correctness can be tedious as far as placing a value. But, the value is what a buyer would pay for them.

  3. BattleRifleG3

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    I'd think they'd be worth more than that. I paid $525 for a SA M1, but it was a consignment, and I never saw any others at that price since.

    LOCKnLOAD Guest

    As for the un-issued one, I mean that as was issued from the factory, no fooling with whatsoever. It has only some minor rack dings, and the rest is what I was to expect if I were issued it back in 44.

    The CMP one is is the same, except it has some use to it by some wear of the internal parts losing their finish a bit, and the gas tube losing it's "baked" on finish.

    I was thinking about 1000-1200, because of the condition.

    Also I am looking for a garand to shoot, so any leads is greatly appreciated.


  5. If ORIGINAL (non-postwar parts), I would say $1000-1200 ea.