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    Hi all,

    My father and i are looking at investing in a nice little varmint rifle for a property. We are looking at a .223 to do the job. I was wondering how the vanguard performs? Is it accurate, reliable? Also i heard that the vanguard is made by Howa, is this correct?

    I know you all seem to love weatherby's but can you please point out pro's and con's for this rifle. Cheers
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    as you might of read from the weatherby wins accuracy battle thread i have a blued synthetic vanguard in .223. It shoots extremly well for a base model rifle and with the right scope you wont go wrong. some cons about this rifle I hade a problem with feeding but when one of my mates had a look at the rifle there is a little spacer in the magazine in the .223 model which holds the internals of the magazine forward the suit the smaller round had jumped out of its holder and was allowing the bullets to sit back in the magazine and the bolt would miss the bullet completly, so we took it apart and fixed that little problem and now it feeds and shoots like a dream. evertone that replies to your message will say that the vanguard is good value and worth the little amout you pay for it.

  3. The Vanguard . .

    . . . is a truly high quality gun and the model you can get that
    guarentees less than 1 inch at 100 yards is just a fantastic
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    you are correct it is made by HOWA, and with that buy the HOWA and save couple hundred since it wont have a W stamped on it
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    I advise looking into the .204Ruger instead of the .223win.if you are after varmints.In my experience it is much flatter and further trajectory.If you are going to shoot high volumn,then the .223win will be cheaper on ammo.
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    Vanguard rifles are great rifles and are very accurate. 223 is a great round for varmits and has a very wide selection of inexpensive ammo.

    I would also look into the savage line of bolt rifles. They have the new accutrigger that some people really like and out of the box will shoot with any "fancy" rifle.
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    Thanks guys,

    So what model Howa is the same as the Vanguard? Correct me if i'm mistaken but Howa are still Japanese correct? .223 is the best option for me over the ruger, going to be using this new rifle A LOT! ha! Thanks guys

    One last thing, does anyone know the website of HOWA? I would like to look through a few of their models....can't find anything except a german website.
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    The Howa 1500 is the same as the Vanguard, I have owned and shot both, and highly recommend them. Here is a link to the Howa website: Howa Rifles