Vegas' Martini Mayor Stumps For Bombay

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    Vegas' Martini Mayor Stumps For Bombay

    LAS VEGAS — What's a better job than mayor of Las Vegas? How about getting paid to drink martinis?

    Mayor Oscar Goodman, who boasts publicly about his drinking, has sealed a $100,000 contract to endorse Bombay Sapphire gin.

    Goodman is inviting Robin Leach, Charo and former Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil to sip martinis with him at a party Friday celebrating the endorsement.

    He plans to donate his earnings to charity.

    "I hope this gets the message out that Las Vegas is a fun place. We're very unconventional," Goodman said.

    Friday's "happy hour" is only the most high profile of five evening drinking sessions Goodman has hosted. The city dubs the alcohol-filled meetings with Las Vegas residents "Martinis with the Mayor."

    Bombay will now be the gin of choice at such events, a preference the mayor says will last "as long as we're having a good time together."

    While Goodman said he doesn't want his endorsement to be seen as support for irresponsible drinking, some have cautioned that the events could be sending the wrong message and put drunken drivers on Las Vegas streets.

    "Our concern is that these kinds of events turn into drunkfests, and that puts the rest of us who are on the roadways at risk," said Sandy Heverly, director of a local anti-drunk driving group.

    The mayor's endorsement came after a bidding war between Bombay and two other gin brands, said Larry Nuvo of Southern Nevada Wine and Spirits, who helped arrange the endorsement.

    What put the blue-bottled gin on top?

    "He liked the taste of Bombay. He had previous experience with it," Nuvo said. (AP)

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