Venison "Stuff"

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  1. What you need:

    1 cup minute rice
    1 lb Velveeta chese
    1 lb ground venison
    2 cans of Rotel tomatoes
    1 can of vegetable soup (optional)

    Brown the venison and drain the fat and set it aside.

    Cook the rice and set this aside as well (I use brown rice, but you can use any).

    Melt the velveeta cheese in a large pot and add the Rotel. If you chose to add the vegetable soup, drain the can and add the veggies only.

    Stir in the venison and cooked rice.

    Enjoy: I find it best used as a dip for Fritos. Now... I'm gonna go make me a batch, yum... Deer, its whats for dinner.
  2. 338RUM

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    That sounds good minus the chunks of tomato, would tomato paste work as good?

  3. ^ yeah, but be sure to add chili powder since you won't get the kick of the rotel. Personally, I add Rotel, chili powder and a few diced jalapenos, which is prob why I'm still up eating tums like candy, lol. Oh well, it was darn good!
  4. LOL I have a variation of this but I soak the venison overnight in buttermilk, then lightly dust with flour,salt and pepper and fry in a medium heat skillet, then simmer in the other goodies, I like rotels it gives a darned good flavor to most everything.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    Rotels for me please !! They really do add a great flavor to soups and stews. They also pep up a thick spaghetti sauce.
  6. Windwalker

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    Darn it Steve, now you've got me hungry and I don't have any venison left. Will have to substitute. Won't be as good though as I thoroughly love venison.
  7. The batch I have in the fridge right now (left overs) is the best I've made yet! I decided to sprinkle in a bit of chili powder and chopped jalapenos. The great thing is, after I reheated it after setting in the fridge overnight, the jalapeno flavor was stronger! Awesomeness!
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    Open up, it's me, Dave. I got the 'stuff"

    Dave's not here!
  9. We make a similer dish to with beef. Will try with venison. Come to think of it, this recipe is what we stuff in large bell pepper's. With out the cheese though.
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    Well just hop in the car and come on down, buddy. I've got about 20-30 lbs left from last year and it's almost deer season again! I've also got about 18 lbs of venison breakfast sausage and me and my granddaughter are the only ones who'll eat it...
    Come to think of it, I've also got a turkey and 10-15 assorted fish in there as well, but we pretty well ate all the wild pork.
  11. Hmmmm, I'm stocked on venison, but I might make that driver over to you for some turkey! The turkey's in my hunting woods aren't thick enough for me to even try hunting! I've only seen one in the wild once.