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    It's been a while since we talked about these. Does anyone have one or has anyone used one? I saw an ad for one on Gunsamerica, a used one in 223 for $400. If only I had the money I used to... I would consider such a rifle as an alternative to an AR, as these rifles are known to be very accurate. I understand that the 223 version uses the AK-74 mags with a different follower for 223 than 5.45x39mm. What I'd love to know is if it would take the same AR mag adaptor as Hesse includes with their Saiga converts. A Vepr II feeding from AR mags with a scope mount and decent optics... That sounds quite nice, especially as it's less expensive than an AR, doesn't suffer from the AR-15's piston envy, has the other durability traits of an AK, and can take a wider range of ammo.

    Another thing I'd like to know is if the heavy RPK barrel of the VEPR would provide better accuracy in rapid fire than a regular AR.
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    Man did I mess up that title! It was supposed to say Vepr II.

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    The image of a VEPR II with a beta C magazine makes me drool...
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    Come on, Joe, you know you want a VEPR II with a Beta C mag...

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