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  1. Hey guys--

    I am very happy that this forum is back, and I have a question.
    I bought a H&R M-1. The reciever is dated circa 1953 - 54. The barrel is SA 1965. The lands and grooves are still sharp but the barrel is very dirty, I have tried Hoppes Copper solvent, I tried KG1 carbon remover, I tried ammonia water. I soaked this barrel insides in Breakfree CLP overnight to no avail. Is there anything else that I can do? I have scrubbed with copper brushes in .30 caliber and I even used an 8mm brush just for a tight fitting scrub. Any suggestions on any home made or commercial remedy?

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    go spend the bucks on a Outers Foul Out kit. This is a reverse electoplating system that will positively take out ALL copper fouling without hurting the barrel if directions are followed. Took my M1 that shot 10-11" group to 2-3" group with same ammo lot. Retail price about $80. Avalible at Brownells and better sporting goods stores.

  3. Bear--

    How does it work??
  4. Get some RB-17 from
    Go shoot 20 rounds in the dawgone thing and clean it , then call me in the morning. Doctor Ken
    ps. I've used Shooters Choice Copper Solvent before with good results. Follow directions and dont use a brass brush.
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    If it is copper use Sweets 7.62 solvent it works great....
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    The outers foul out uses a chemical that is measured into the bore. A stainless steel rod is placed into the bore and a small electric current is run across the gap between the barrel and rod. Real simple 1 wire hookup with a clip. The chemical/electrical reaction WILL take copper fouling out to bare metal. Will also work on lead with a different fluid included in kit. NO real scrubbing, almost ZERO danger of harming the barrel. Much less than the potential damage that repeated scrubbing can do IMHO.

    Hope this helps.... Just wish I bought one years earlier!