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  1. I heard on a local radio channel today a survey was taken regarding the flying, or displaying, of the American flag.

    Of all those whose stated they flew, or displayed, an American flag following the September 11th. tradegy only ONE OUT OF FOURTEEN are still doing so.

    That is sad....very sad.

    I know, as the saying goes, time heals all wounds...not this one with me. I still get choked up when I hear the national Anthem or hear Lee Greenwood's version of "God bless the USA"!

    I would like to encourage everyone to fly or display the one at your home......or display a decal on your truck or car......put one in the window of your somewhere in your office for all to see. Heck, if nothing else, where a lapel pin flag.

    We still have brave men and women in Afghanistan and God only knows where else soon.

    We have the memories of those lost on September 11th as well as the thoughts of the loved ones who lost someone so dear to them that did not deserve to die. We have those soldiers and civilians who have died for the price of freedom since that day as well as in years past.

    I don't ever want to see another Pearl Harbor......D Day.....Korean War....Viet Nam or Septmeber 11th. No one does......but, be proud of who you are...and shout your pride by displaying the colors.

    And for those ally friends in here...God bless you for being there too. Very little is said for you...but with your support freedom will prevail!
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    Here in my office, we still have a full-size flag on our front wall, visible to any visitors. Most of us have smaller flags in our offices/cubicles, and several of us still wear our litle flag pins, every day.
    You're right though, not as many in evidence on vehicles and in yards these days. Still, it's far better than what I saw when I returned from Navy service in the mid-eighties.
    I also see a lot more young men at the range, who plan to join the service when finished with school. Often, they are home on leave, too. Patriotism still lives, and I'm glad of it.


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    Patriotism as a trend

    Yep I have noticed the new trend of patriotism come and go. I have a little decal in my window of the car. It sickens me to see the public rally to the flag only because its trendy(the "IN" thing). No not everyone does this but lets face it; before 9-11 how many flags did you see? I live in a military town and I regularly see people and businesses use the flag in the name of the almighty dollar most of which are scam artists and crooks. (Patriot auto sales; American TV and... you get the picture. Its getting to the piont everywhere I turn I see a flag. It seems businesses here can't do a commercial without trying to tie themselves to the 9-11 or our military.

    Now I welcome the support of our country by all americans; but these are the same people that were too busy wrapped up in who's getting booted on Survivor or Cruise/Kidmann divorce to give a dang about whats going on in this country. As long as their friends were flying the flag they had one. Now you don't see it as much because its not as cool to run around with a flag with in arms reach.

    I am sick of it; no not the flag but the American public's abuse of its status. My flag isn't the biggest but its still in my car. My patriotism is as strong as it ever was and I didn't have to be like the Jone's to know it. Maybe I'm just an A-HOLE who just can't see any good in anything. Oh how many flags were flown when those sailors died when our ship was rammed in the mideast. Didn't see any around here.
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    You're right Phacopsrana, it's a trend and it sickens me too. I've still got a flag on my truck and it's not coming down, ever. I feel that apathy is starting to over take a lot of people especially the younger ones. They don't believe or stand up for anything anymore unless it's in their own personal interest. Just like what you said with Patriot Auto Sales etc. Something needs to change so they can realize it's a dangerous place out there and that we need the whole country behind our efforts and values. They need to see America as the country our forefathers envisioned.

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    Maybe I'm just an old cynic, but I felt that some put up a flag just
    for show. I was brought up that what you did was more important than what was said. I do think there is more general
    respect for the Armed Forces now than a few decades ago. My
    worst experience in connection with the military was coming home
    & having my car kicked, & being cursed at because it had a bumper sticker from the last base I'd been stationed at.
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    We were flying our flag long before 911,we are still flying our flag,in fact I just bought a new one today as the other is starting to show signs of wear.
    Shortly after 911 the talking heads on the TV were saying how hard it was to find a flag,as they never had one and wanted to fly one now,they were actually bragging that they had no flags and how they were suffering because they had to shop around.
    Kind of reminds me of a Barbara Mandrell song,"I was country when country wasn't cool."By the way,the Mandrells are avid gun supporters.:D :D :D :D
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    Everyone is right the trend seems to be over and people are takeing down their me it is sad that people will go back to takeing being an American for granted and we will go back to this hug the world and buy them a coke attitute and that if your Pro Amreican your not culturaly deverse and all that tree hugger type stuff. What worries me even more is that we have let down our guard...places have gone back to the old ways of security..even at NASA and the Airforce side of the cape security has returned to oh ya go on a few more months the talaban could drive through the gates in an Iranen truck with Jehad painted on the side and Osama himself driveing it and they will get waved in...something will happen and the news will go on and on about how could this happen cost $$ and inconveiences people / compinies/ goverment is quick to keep from makeing people wait 5 extra min or spending a few extra $$.....for me I think the overall American attitude is summed up by that old anti-clinton bumber sticker.. "Only in Amreica does a vetran sleep on the stree and a draft dodger sleep in the white house."
  8. I am still flying a flag, I was before 9-11. After 9-11 I had two up, but the large one kept on getten stolen. (3 Times). Yes i was flyin it at night, but it was lighted by some lancaping lights that I had installed just for that purpose. The last time the flag was stolen the A**H***S also kicked out my lights. So now I am only flying a smaller flag up high out of reach.
    What really drives me batty is how people continue to fly the flag after it has been faded or ripped, when it wears our take it down and replace it. The respectfully dispose of the old one. Here the VFW will take care of it.
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    I've got a american flag on the back window of my 87 chevy pickup, but I also feel it's becomeing a trend, there's more to being a patriot then just flag waveing in my opinion, im also proud that my flag was made in the U.S. of A, unlike most flags that where made in china(for shame!), after pearl harbor did it bocome the trend to fly a flag???? I'l have to ask grandpa.

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    I'm still flying the flag that was up before September 11th

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    Cool F-14 grafic. How'd you do that? -UR.
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    Have allways flown the Stars and Stripes. All of us that love this country should fly our flags, and do everything we can to support the sons, and daughters that stand on the ramparts of the wall of freedom to protect this land. Have continously flown the American Flag, and the Flag of the United States Marine Corps ever since my oldest son enlisted and left for Parris Island 3 1/2 years ago. He recently got promoted to SGT. and enlisted for 4 more years. God bless him and all the ones who wear the uniforms of our Armed Forces. SEMPER FIDELIS!
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    My flag is still flying in front of my house as well as having one on my rear SUV window.

    By the way, according to the rules of displaying flags, the flag on the rear window of your vehicle is supposed to be on the upper left side. Most of those I see are on the bottom left or bottom center. This lack of flag etiquette bothers me. People need to display the flag correctly.


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    Flag Etiquette (sp?)

    I did not know that. But am not surprised. Flag etiquette is the one thing most people do not bother to learn. You would think that all the news groups out there someone would do a story on proper flag tecnique. Guess its just not trendy to do so.
  16. Thanks Oxford for the info. Looks like I need to get another decal because the one on my truck's rear window in in the lower left as I believed was correct. Now I know better....yepper.

    You also see many flags flying from a plastic frame afixed when the window rolls up tightening it against the window frame and flags flying from the antenna too. I've even seen a flag draped on the grille work on one car or truck.
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    Who came up with the upper left side rule? It seems pretty dumb to me. The reason most people put stickers on bottom edge of the window is that it usually does not obstruct the view.
  18. I'm with Klaus on this one and I won't try to beat this old horse but, I've seen bug deflectors in the shape of a narrow flag, I've seen decals on rear decks of SUV's and my favorite gun dealer gives away bumper stickers with a flag and a statement ,"I'll fight for freedom."

    I guess there needs to be some etiquette so that the flag and colors are not desecrated. But, I feel, if the flag and colors are displayed in a respectful manner then displaying them is better than not displaying them.
  19. Oxford

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    I'd have to agree that flying the flag is better than not flying it. Recently lots of people are no longer bothering to display Old "Betsy." Seems to me that the American patriotism upsurge has shifted to a trickle.

    My information regarding flying the flag came from a desert storm veteran who I used to work with. His consciousness of proper flying of the flag got me interested in the subject so I brought it up on the internet. Yep, he was right. So I decided to spend a few cents and relocate it in the upper left hand corner of my SUV. The rear window of my Explorer has a highly tinted stripe around the top which I couldn't see out of anyway, so this flag location is definitely not impeding my rear view vision.

  20. buttons

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    I fly the flag every day. I will continue to fly it until I drop dead. I began to fly it after the attack. It felt good putting it up, and I feel good whenever I look at it. It is just not for the victims of NY Wash. and the airline passengers. It is for all the men and women who have given their all for this country. That's all I have to say.