Vet Faces Lawsuit For Flying American Flag

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Marine1, May 27, 2008.

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    This is so far beyond ridiculous it defies belief. It's not like he's flying a sports team flag, or a foreign flag; or even a service branch flag. He wants to fly the Colors. Who can possibly have a problem with that? Apart from elitist liberals who never served and long-haired hippie pinkos, I mean.

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    I would like to comment on the sub-division's "rules" but it would probally result in me using dirty words. So like moma said if you cant say nothing nice......
  4. I could do a whole book on Florida, and its homeowner associations and other busybodies, just from the little time I spent there. Some of those people are insane.

    There was one town that forbade parking commercial vehicles within city limits, except to load and unload. Since pickups are commercial vehicles, anyone who owned one had to rent garage or parking spaces outside of town.
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    That must be a real pain for small contractors doing home-related installations? Wonder if anyone of this "nothing to do, and all day to do it" bunch, who enacted this law, entered an exemption for this?:hitwithrock:
  6. They probably had a provision in there for parking while you were on a job site, too; I don't remember. But if you owned a pickup, you couldn't park it in your own garage or driveway for the night.
  7. Depressing . . .

    . . . as flying the American flag seems to be a negative event
    yet people will get up and scream for the right to burn it before the news cameras.

    Now, suppose someone next door did decide to burn an American flag?

    Not that I would want that to really happen but it would be interesting to see how the situation played out.
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    There's been a lot of this from HOA's around the country. I think they oughta try to realize that the reason they can be who they are, is because of the men and women who fought to give them the right to be whatever it is they think they are, and leave the flag alone. Make any sense? I had to read it three times, to make sure it said what I tried so hard to say, and stay out of trouble.
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    Oh...HOAs don't have a lot of those.

    We're looking more at upright busybodies whose tiny little power trips make them think they can control your lives.

    That and didn't the article pretty much say state law says it's okay to fly? Last I checked, HOAs can't override state law. This should be fun.

    - Coeloptera
  10. Yeah, the homeowner's associations I've dealt with over the years are full of anal-retentive, controlling busybodies. I've never talked to one who sounded like a pinko commie, unless pinko commies are obsessed about the possibility that the color their neighbor's house is painted (or even whether he has a swing set in the back yard) might lower somehow lower the market value of their own butt-ugly stucco McMansion...
  11. Get even and we we on ther pretty lawns !!!
  12. as long as the flag is not casting a giant shadow over
    the whole god for-saken neighborhood, whats the problem, its not in anyones way

    i mean, i personally would prefer a smaller flag not on a big pole in my yard, but hey that dude obviously, really likes the flag and america......thats a good thing
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    The town your talking about is Coral Gables and Coconut Grove you cant park pickups in the yard, or have your trash cans insight. And all The HOA's I've encountered there where all full of insane ideas. But its big money and we know how that works. I call them Pink Skins never worked a day in there life but their going to tell you how to live.
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    Homeowners assocaiation are just power trips...Read my signature-that's my opinion.!
  15. Sounds like my place of employment also!
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    Are there any covenants that say you MUST fly a US flag? Now THAT would be a cool place to live.

    I would counter-sue these a-holes. What a load of crap! They would no longer get my money to use against me were I to live there.
  17. They just told a friend of mine he couldn't park his mobile bicycle service truck in his driveway in Tampa. His neighbor turned him in. The neighbor was landscaping his back yard with a mini dozer and he got turned in for destroying Federal wetlands in his back yard! He may lose his house. They had been seeing the code enforcement truck drive by. Hope he didn't run over all those nails that got spilled.
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    Hey...come-on...give the HOA's a break.
    They work very hard to be the over-bearing, control-freak, asnine, jack-*** jerks they are. My God, people, don't you understand? It takes hard work to force moronic rules upon knowledgeable home-owners.
    The only thing that really lowers the value of your property is an HOA.

    That's my first question when I look at a residential dwelling..."Is there a Home Owner's Association?" "Oh, yes sir, absolutely; we don't want to encourage the riff-raff now do we?" 'Let's go."
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    That's why I would never live in a deed restricted comunity,if your grass grows past a certain length you can get a fine,also you can only paint you house certain colors that's acceptable by the board of directors,even if you wanted to paint your front door you would need permission on the color.
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    how about window coverings? Certain color curtains and Really stupid.