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  1. Please pray for Ruff P. He is one of my members and is in the One Sheep Program. He was violently attacked yesterday. Out of the many, many stab wounds, not one single one hit a vital organ. The only three wounds that did any significant damage was where they cut his throat, and two stab wounds to his knee that cut the tendon responsible for straightening out his leg. They stitched up his throat and the orthopedic surgeon was able to repair the tendon. He is going to make it. To God be the glory.

    Please continue to pray for Ruff and his wife during their recovery. Also pray that this action does not mean violent backlashes in the neighborhood. The main drug dealer in the 'hood had put a "no touch" order on them because they are trying to get their lives straightened out (his daughter is in our youth group). Someone violated that order and that can result in DEADLY consequences. I am also sure that the men that did this are abundantly aware that I was behind the "no touch" order.

    Pray that God will bring JUSTICE to the men who did this, FORGIVENESS to the ones affected by this, and PEACE to those who would seek retribution.

    ...and if you have time, pray that God will keep me safe as I go out into that neighborhood tonight. This is the same neighborhood that I was attacked by a gang member in last week.
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    Keep safe and I will pray all goes well..!!!

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    I will keep you and your member in my prayers.
  4. Last year alone, I lost four church members to murder. It is kinda getting old...

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    God be with you my friend.
  6. Romans 8: 36 As it is written, "For your sake we face death all day long: we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered".
    It's a tough thing but His Church grows best when waterd by the blood of Martyrs. He asks nothing of us that He has not done Himself.

    You will be content when you place your crowns at His feet.
  7. Why doesnt the government play hard ball with gangs and drug dealers? They are the definition of home grown terrorist. They sell poision, guns, sex, steal, extort, murder for hire and anything else they can do to make money. They constantly have gangwars and try to take out rival members but are cowards and tend to only kill a mother and 2 kids and the actuall target runs like hell and gets away unharmed. Send in our boys and ship out the terrorests to gitmo or some other makeshift terrorist camp and take back our country^^
  8. The Liberal Left has all but tied the hands of local Law Enforcement. Prison has become a joke. Most gangs are run by guys in prison. Lawyers make huge fortunes defending the rights and insuring the freedom of Crooks. Justice no longer exists in this country. The 'criminal' courts are little more than Tennis Courts for the legal community.
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    Man, where do you live? Sounds rough.

    Just prayed for you and that man....
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    Prayers to Ruff and all involved.
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    Ruff P

    Silent Shooter: Sir, we pray that Ruff P his family, and you and yours a most blessed resurrection of spirit. May the Lords spirit carry you all with continued healing. God Bless
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    You have my thoughts and prayers, I think that people who commit such acts, should face the ultimate punishment.
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    The prayers have been said. Silent shooter, please take care. You are needed here.
  14. 1. Person stabbed, released early, colapsed, back in hospital. His attack and subsequent robbery were the result of trying to buy crack after stealing wife's prescription drugs (which were stolen from him) and selling them while owing huge amounts of money to a dealer. Kicked out of the One Sheep Program.

    2. Person kicked stabbed person out, divorce in the works. Went back to hospital with person #1 after he colapsed on her front porch.

    3. Person (10 year old girl) attacked by three teens and beat down.

    4. Person drunk, makes accusations of rape (entirely unfounded against person #5), cusses out teens that attacked her daughter, threatens her daughter for not fighting back with a baseball bat, kicked out by matriarch, beat down on front porch by mom of cussed out teen, cops show up to help, cusses cops out, (after 5 warnings) she is carted off to jail for drunk and disorderly. Kicked out of the One Sheep Program.

    5. Person accused wrongfully of rape by person #4 and had to be removed from the neighborhood for his own safety. Tried pushing the SAME kind of prescription drug to members of the One Sheep Program that was stolen in the Stabbing/Robbery of person #1 within hours of the incident.

    6. Pastor (me) cancelled church and spent Sunday with his wife on her first Mother's Day. [​IMG]

    Please continue us in your prayers. I minister in the inner city and right now it is a virtual warzone. Your prayers are coveted.
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    Are you sure they are worth the effort?

    Seems like a Daisy Cutter on the entire 'hood is a better solution.
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    Silent Shooter: Sir; we can and will continue keeping you and your mess in our prayers. It does appear you have your work cut out for you. Sir; God Bless and stay safe.
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    Wow, where do you live exactly if you don't mind me asking? If you mind, I understand no big deal.

    What exactly can you do to make things better, are you trying to give them a sense of community? It is really awesome you are trying to make a difference. Good job.

    Crime is a big business for the government and it justifies spending their money. Plus they make a lot of money off of seized assets from criminals. Then they hike up the street value of drugs, claiming they found 100s of millions of dollars of coke when most likely the real street value was 10s of thousands. Plus, it is very political, you can't have the government just attacking citizens with out due process, if we just up and did stuff then our system would be worthless. When those things happen it is investigated and the criminals are charge accordingly and get their day in court for justice. My friend's girl is a public defender and gets a lot of gang cases. This is how our system works.

    That wouldn't be very Christian.
  18. I am entirely sure the devil said something like this when Jesus was hanging on the cross for you, me AND the people I minister to.

    On the flip side, I understand your feelings I have similar thoughts from time to time when the "old man" (my flesh) rears his ugly head. It is hard, but we gotta keep that guy nailed to the cross.