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Discussion in 'Survival Gear' started by animalspooker, Jul 10, 2017.

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    Another option if you want a new vise and made in USA that is I think reasonable price wise compared to what people are asking for an old wore out vise is a Wilton 63200 model vise.
    There are a few on fleabay with free shipping in the 350 range.
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    If you just want a straight vice there is a receiver hitch vice that the part that breaks most often seems built of heavy steel instead of cast steel.
    Id seen one of these net looking vices the last time I was into Alaska Industrial Hardware AIH in Anchorage that really fired my imagination of the plosibilites of those mounts all over the place besides the work bench, another mount outside the shop, at the welding bench, shucks you could mount one on the atv trailer, wood sled, even on your boat, and possibly a mount at camp the idea of a portable vice that locks soldily in place just gets me all fired up to get one for work, if I did buy one Id just mount the receiver hitch socket to the under side of my camp work bench after reinforcing so I could really go to town on it without the bench top pulling loose (angle iron straps and carrage bolts, when needed slide the receiver vice in and hitch pin it in place, when finished pull the hitch pin and stow the vice in a out of the way place for a work bench free of obstructions.
    This is a straight vice and wont pivot but that depends on if you can live with it.
    If you Google receiver hitch vices you will find them in the $100-$300 range.
    I use a vice for holding stuff when cutting, fileing, grinding and taping or cutting threads, also use one with a pipe vice, cheap cast metal vices wont hold up if you want to hold a large item firmly while you hammer something loose or trying to drive something in.
    They work great as a press.
    At work Id just replaced the slide bogies on 3 snowmobiles using the bench vice (snap-on 6") and some 3/4" drive sockets as press blocks.

    One source of receiver hitch vices.

    I inherited a hefty trestle type work bench simply constructed and solid.
    Id made another from some scrap lumber and some nails I had n mounted a light weight 4 " hobby vice to it using some angle iron and carrage bolts.
    4"x4" legs salvaged from a old shipping crate, some short 2"x4" scraps for cross pieces and across the back top n bottom a couple 6 footers the bench top boards 2"x6 ID found that fit and a couple 2x10"'s from a old shelf thatd been torn appart.
    If I was going to build this bench stouter Id have used carrage bolts on everything.

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