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    I know that this may sound trivial, but I would like to offer up prayers for all those who are struggling in their chosen careers and jobs....and for those looking for jobs. It is a lonely endeavor.

    Lord, I ask as your humble servant to bless everyone in their careers. Give them that extra opportunity to provide for the basic needs of their families. Lord, I also ask that you comfort those out of work and looking. Help them to find meaningful employment.

    Work if a prayer to you, a glorification of your name! I ask your blessing! Help them glorify the father!

  2. Yes,

    I will pray.

    I work at a university. It is just crushing to read the desperate applications for any job from people with a wide variety of skills and experience. It is just crushing to see so many graduates with no where to go but back home. At one time the placement office had so many interested firms they had to schedule times for recruiters to use their facilities. Now they send a woman out with an unlimited expense account to try and recruit hiring firms to come to campus.

  3. woody1981

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    You are right. This is a good thing to offer a prayer for.
  4. Eric76

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    I think that is a great suggestion .. Lord please help and protect us all. Amen!
  5. Ninja Piper

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    Here is a quote I've always loved regarding vocations/avocations.

    "My vocation (to use the poet's term) is the spiritual life, the quest for God, which relies on the eye of the heart. My avocation is education, the quest for knowledge, which relies on the eye of the mind. I have seen life through both these eyes as long as I can remember - but the two images have not always coincided... I have been forced to find ways for my eyes to work together, to find a common focus for my spirit-seeking heart and my knowledge-seeking mind that embraces reality in all its amazing dimensions." Parker Palmer
  6. Dutch

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    I am in.

    I have burnout bad, and I really think a driving factor is that I feel like I can't afford to press my luck and leave a very stable job for uncertainties. My work environment sucks, but the mortgage and food bills don't pay themselves.
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    Thank you tex for thinking others, God bless you, i will pray. I'm so ashamed when i grumble to myself about my job and then remember the millions who would give anything to have work.
  8. Hi BaserRonin

    I hear you but from what I see at our university I can only stay to stick it out with any stable employment.

    Please read my post. It is so sad yet so very true.
  9. SwedeSteve

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    I bow my head on bended knees, and pray to the one true Lord that these prayers are answered !! I have been asking a LOT from him recently, maybe my request will not be as strong as others !!
  10. Grumpus

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    Swede, never think your prayer won't be as strong as others. After all, while we were yet sinners he died for us. Don't think he has selective hearing...

    I ask God Almighty to stand with the struggling, and to open doors for those who seek. He knows the strengths we have, and he knows where we are weak. Shore us up to stand the burden, Lord, and make ways where there are no ways. In Jesus' precious name. Amen