Von Steuben arrives at Valley Forge

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    On this date in 1778 Baron Frederick Augustus von Steuben arrived at Valley Forge, claiming to be a lieutenant-general in Frederick the Greats army. He had only been a captain, discharged 14 years previuosly, but was well trained (by Frederick himself). He knew no english and had to work through an interpreter but quickly learned swear words which the men loved. He transformed a rag tag army into a viable fighting force.

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    probably a good thing he did too.
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    You might also mention . . .

    From Europe Benjamin Franklin did some real lying for the cause to get him accepted by Washington as a high ranking officer.

    Stuben was kicked out of two nation's armies due to a predilection for boys.

    He was the right man at the right time for the revolutionary army.

    He went on after the revolution to become inspector general of the American army.
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    Von Steuben

    Huey Rider: Sir, he was an interesting character, well schooled in math and science

    In February 1778,he was interviewed by a Congressional committee of five members, chaired by Dr. Witherspoon. In more private interviews with key politicians, however, Steuben believed that Congress employed him with the promise of ample indemnification in the event that his services proved instrumental to American victory. Congress favorably received the committee’s report and ordered Steuben to join the army at their winter cantonment.
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