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    2020 is an election year. You may think your most important vote will be for President. Perhaps so, in the short term. But a longer-term impact may be achieved by voting with your dollars. Specifically, refusing to spend your money on products made in China. Have an Apple I-Phone? Then you're supporting communist China. Own a Norinco shotgun or semi-auto? China thanks you. Buying toys for your kids? Better check where they're made. Furniture? Shoes? Clothing? The list goes on. Even pharmaceuticals. If nothing else, this COVID-19 pandemic serves as a wake-up call that it's time we compel American corporations to cease monetary fornication with China. The only way American corporations will change is if we vote with our dollars. They will never do it otherwise; they will never do it unless you vote with your dollars against China. It's your choice. Support the communists, or support America. Your vote truly counts.
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  2. Gray Wolf

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    Trying to find the stuff you need that is NOT made in China may not be possible these days.
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    I would have no issues with Chinese products IF there were the same available in USA made products. I think that having choices is a good thing - kinda like choosing between generic and name brand products. But I think China should have to earn their business like everyone else has to. Without all the special advantages that were heaped upon them - and now have come to be expected.
    China's manufacturing abilities were propelled (not "encouraged" but propelled like a rocket) by US business people, by supplying them with modern machinery and training to run those machines, and even provided better materials to work with. All to take advantage of a huge, dirt cheap labor pool. So China's manufacturing abilities have vastly improved and American factories were edged out. The parent companies jumped on the bandwagon and now sell Chinese products under their labels, or they folded. Meanwhile, American manufacturing through-put has seriously "eroded". (How many empty factories and warehouses do you see in your area?)

    Now, with no competition, Chinese products have been degrading - mostly due to poorer materials being used. In some cases, workmanship has declined to just enough to outlast the 30 day warranty. Make it cheaper and more quickly, and you save even more on time & materials which are the biggest costs to a manufacturer. (But how many toasters last more than a year now? (planned obsolescence. New product lines are naturally made better for a short time)

    An example I saw of this was some refinery modules we were contracted to assemble for a large oil company. All structural steel was made and galvanized in China. And I have to say that steel was scary-beautiful. Beautiful in that the workmanship of even ordinary connections were of architectural quality and bolt holes all lined up (which is a huge deal) I had commented then that if that was representative of the workmanship we can expect out of China, structural steel fabricators world-wide were in for some deadly serious competition.
    But! Once we got into the subsequent modules, quality, fit, and finish had disappeared.

    I think the OP is spot on. American business folks were seduced by huge profits, and they put China into the driver's seat. We have closed down a huge amount of our manufacturing capacity and now depend on China for even the most basic items. But now China expresses dissatisfaction with the USA by threatening to withhold pharmaceuticals and needed goods. (Wow! Like we didn't see THAT coming!) China has us over a barrel and "we" let them do it. It's time to depend on ourselves.
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    New York
    I remember a magazine article and later a book from about 10, 15 years ago where a reporter for The New York Times attempted to live for a year buying no products made in China. It was a real challenge. The thing I recall best is the problem she had getting sneakers for the kids for gym class; she wound up having to buy very expensive Italian sport shoes for them. By the end of the year, the family was tense and on the verge of divorce.

    It's gotten worse since then. It's one reason I do almost all of my shopping at estate sales. I figure someone else got the bad karma for it already.
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  5. Rave

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    Bottom line,as usual. :(
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  6. Stickman

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    Considering that even strategic goods are made in China right now I'm not too sure how much can be done at present. I completely agree with you but yesterday carried 204,000 pounds of medical equipment and medicine out of Hong Kong destined for US consumption. Our next airplane in line had something like 500,000 masks on board.
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  7. Kellen

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    My original post was an appeal to a community of people that I’ve always felt were in the “can do” category, not a bunch of “can’t do it” types. Voting with your dollars against China will not be easy given how American corporations have allowed so many products to be manufactured there. But let’s at least start the ball rolling. The issue is not about how difficult it has been in the past or will be today to boycott products made by American corporations in communist China, it’s about committing to this as a movement going forward in order to change our national future. The biggest tree in the forest started as just a seed.
    Or we have another choice. We can roll over. We can say it's just too darn difficult to change and cop an attitude of surrender. Not a very American response, but perhaps my ideas about being an American are out of date.
    How we behave going forward is a choice, not a fate. Vote accordingly.
  8. ChaZam

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    Our POTUS has been trying to wean some the companies and their production off of the cheap foreign labor sources and get them to tool up and return to domestic production. I'm an old guy so I've seen the transition from made in the USA, to made in Japan, to made in Mexico, to made in China and various other cheap labor markets around the globe. According to Roy Beck at numbersusa,com 90% of the earth's population is poorer than our neighbors in Mexico. Those mega sized corporations in most developed nations have been able to pick and choose which segment of that vast pool of cheap labor they want to exploit for several decades now. They are looking for that lowest common denominator. Those efforts are some of the prime reasons that a huge international following has worked so hard trying to undermine Trump's presidency as we've seen in the ongoing attempts to basically undermine our elections even. The NWO will be a failed concept if we can maintain developed nations with solvent working middle class jobs and the associated lifestyles that those jobs provide. The cynic, skeptic, and realist in me says that is exactly why we are dealing with this current pandemic and all of the market problems of all sorts that that are in disarray along with it. My money says that there are no physical, moral, or monetary limits to what they'll do to unseat a man that doesn't dovetail into their globalist agenda.
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  9. Big Dog

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    I buy American when possible, but it's difficult these days.
    Decades ago the liberals in government conferred on China "favored nation" trade status. The trading has always been lopsided, China getting the better deal on all trade. They give us lead contaminated toys, poisonous pet food, and assorted cheap plastic Walmart trash. We give them the designs for our high tech inventions. This is going to really bite us in the posterior, again and again.
  10. PaleHawkDown

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    I always think of my Grandpa. Grandpa was a Ranger in WWII fighting in Germany. Strangely he was never particularly angry at rank-and-file Germans. He did, however, develop an extreme racism against the Japanese.

    When Quasar, the last American TV company, announced they were going out of business he went out and bought three near-identical TVs. This wasn't so he could put one in each room, but so that he would never have to buy a Japanese TV.

    I use mine for old-school gaming.
  11. Gray Wolf

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    New Balance shoes are made in the USA.
    Good quality and reasonable price too.
  12. rando

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    I remember we had Motorola, Zenith and Quasar. I think Quasar had the commercial about the Works in a drawer? They were the first to put all electronics in a slide out box for easy repairs. We had all floor model Black & White TV,s back then. I remember taking tubes to store to check them. Any other issues then the TV repair man came to the house and repaired. They were the good days. What a frickin shame
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  13. ItstheHOFF

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    Like what
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  14. ItstheHOFF

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    OH, you mean...America first?
    Or dare I say...make America great again?
    Where have I heard this before?
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  15. PaleHawkDown

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    I just read their Massachusetts factory has switched to making masks.

    Back when I was running every day I wore a lot of New Balance shoes because they were the only company that made comfortable running shoes for my size 14 feet. The only problem is that they did not last very long at that rate. I think I went through three pairs a year.
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  16. mitchr

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    Starting to see stuff made in places other than China, but still not much made in America.

    Had a customer's welder tell me that weld fittings from Japan were better quality than American made, but the company he worked for insisted on American made.

    Toyota, Datson (Nessan) & Volkswagen got their foot in the door with pricing, but remained because of high mileage capability & better MPG, at the time.
  17. Kellen

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    I'm a realist. The days of exclusivity for American products are gone. The global economy is a fact. That's why I'm not specifically saying products we buy must be made in the US exclusively. What I'm saying is vote with your dollars by NOT buying products made in China.
    I also align with Itsthehoff, there is likely not a single necessity bought by Americans which has to be purchased from China. In other words, you can buy the same necessity from a country other than China. But that's not how most Americans vote with their dollars. Instead, they go to Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club, Kroger, etc. and sacrifice their American values on the altar of economic benefit by purchasing the cheapest made-in-China product when others are available.
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  18. Kellen

    Kellen G&G Evangelist

    There is a "why" that should underscore a decision to vote with your dollars by not purchasing goods made in China. For us, the mere fact that they are a communist country is probably enough. But let me hit on a few other reasons that answer the question why, and I'll even cite more liberal sources to drive the points home:
    >> China has locked up eight hundred thousand to two million Uyghurs and other Muslims in a concentration camp based on their race, religion, and culture. See Reuters:
    >> Buying made-in-China products supports the growth in China’s economy. That accelerates their military threat to the rest of the world, not just India and Russia, but especially the US. See NPR:
    >> China is the world’s greatest threat to the environment and global warming. See Facts and Details:
    >> If you care at all about the plight of Tibet, note that the Dalai Lama has asked the world to boycott Chinese goods. See New York Times:
    >> And lastly, if the above were not enough (and I'm just touching the tip of the iceberg here), the Chinese communist government needs to be held accountable for COVID-19 killing people the world over as a direct outcome of their “wet market” policies.
  19. Hmmm, voting against China....term limits for Senators and Representatives to start, this will keep the career politicians in both parties from becoming wealthy "while serving the people." Lobbyist from foreign governments needs to stop....our problems have begun at home...when members of congress can be bought that is the real issue..JMHO
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  20. Junction15

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    Sorry to disappoint but not all New Balance shoes are USA made. We have a nearby factory in Skowhegan, Maine. I've been to their factory outlet store many times. Some shoes are tagged USA made and some are tagged as Chinese made.

    No, I am saying that if the USA has the capability of producing strategic goods within our country, then I think we should preserve the capability. If that "Keeps America Great", then that is fine. As for ranking, China makes China number 1 to their citizens, and the United Stated of America makes the United States of America number 1 to our citizens. I would not expect anything else.
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