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  1. Just got back from shooting the two Vz 24's I got from Big 5. I was extremely impressed! I shot some Turk stuff and some Remington. The first 5 shots were Remington and one was a perfect dead center bullseye and the other 4 were all in the 9 and 10 ring. The Turk shot about 4" higher at 100 yards but still held good groups. The one rifle that looks a little beat up shot just as good. Since my old eyes wear bifocals now, that was super good for me. The trigger pull on these are great and I'm sure that helped since I've never been able to do this good with any of my Mosins. Might just have to get me another one. Once I ran out of targets, I concentrated on making little rocks out of big rocks. That 8mm round does an excellent job of it.:nod:
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    maybe you should concentrate more on the snakes and less on the rocks!!!

  3. Ya know Papa, I think you are right! But see, snakes live under the rocks and if I destroy a rock, I destroy a snakes house. Man I got a lot of rocks to shoot.