VZ 58 anyone?

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    I never really paid any attention to these things until I shot one last Saturday and it left a lasting impression on me. The trigger pull was less than great but I love the way the rifle functioned. It felt and ran more like a well built machine than the standard AKs I have. Considering it's milled and doesn't really cost any more than the other AKs out there I'm very tempted to get one.

    I was all set to buy another PSL since I've made permanent mods to mine but now I'm thinking about the VZ instead. The only downside for me is the fact that the little Czech rifle uses proprietary magazines. I'd need to stash a few back but the price is compatible to the other AK mags, so.. I have enough mags and ammo to sustain two PSLs so all I really need is the rifle.

    So what do you guys think? I need opinions, suggestions, chili recipes..!
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    I haven't wandered into the AK forest yet, but I think when I do The VZ58 will be the path that will lead me there.

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    Knock youself out Mikaiel err Jeff.
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    psl man, since you already have a psl you should have a vz in your arsenal. my friends who have shot my vz have the same experience as you. i have a couple of magazines which they did an article on the vz from czechpoint/czusa/century arms, they were all very impressed by the vz. now you have to decide which one to get i recommed czechpoint as cz-usa dont carry them anymore.
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    Mine is my pride and joy. I have a AK74 brake on it now.


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    Thanks guy, I'm still scratching my head over this because I was all set for the PSL.
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    If it helps you any, I managed a 4 inch group at 100yds with Golden Tiger 123gr FMJ with iron sights and my eyes aren't anything to brag on. I have glasses for near sightedness. There's a side rail specifically for the VZ-58 that you can get now that will let you use AK-47 mounts. When I can afford to get the whole set up, I'm gonna stick a scope on mine and see what it will do with the best ammo I can buy. But that's gonna be a while.
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    Now you are going to have to change you handle to VZMAN
  9. I am going to build one hopefully around the Holidays these have been on my short list for a couple months now nice milled receiver and such, not too bad of a build looks like either.
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    Is Dr. Love already taken..?
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    How about sweet hips?
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    Can you post a link to that side rail please?
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    You guys crack me up!

    LovemiesterJ does have a nice ring to it though... :kinky:
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    Man you are twisted.
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    what every floats your boat buddy - man you got the gun bug bad eh? lol
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    If it were not for the different mags I'd almost get one myself.

    Maybe I stil will.:33:
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    This is my midlife crisis but instead of fast cars and young women I'm buying ammo and AKs.
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    WHEW!. . .

    I was starting to worry that I was either paranoid, a little sadistic, or a paranoid sadist!

    It's such a relief that it's just my mid-life crisis!

    It just sucks that it's happening at 24, but then, I've always been advanced. Does this mean I'll be in a nursing home or in the ground by 48?

    Life's a bitch.