waiting for garand

Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by JIMM, Mar 21, 2002.

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    I called CMP today to check on my order and was told that I will be receiving a SA. in the 1,090,000 range I figure that should be late 42 or early 43 . I should receive it in maybe 10 days give or take .
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    And to anyone else on this forum, are all you guys members of CMP? What was the cost of you rifle? Any comments about CMP? I'm thinking about getting myself and son involved.


  3. "members" of CMP

    You don't join CMP - it's a place semi-attached to the government where you can buy rifles, ammunition and other items. There are equirements to buy most items -- join a shooting organization, take part in a match, etc.

    Take a look at the CMP website.

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    I can relate to "Waiting for Garand" once you send in the paperwork it seems forever when once it arrives you realize it really wasn't that long.
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    If you ever need so good reading. Try Clinton's "Crime Bill".

    Any and all prior military firearms MAY and CAN be recalled by the goverment.

    Sure glad I got mine from a dead guy.