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i live in australia an ordered a 981t new an have waited 3 months. any one no the reason why?????:sad2:

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Hey ferel I just bought the same gun and if it had not been for the holidays my source can have them in 2 working days. It took 6.

This may sound weird but I called Marlin Firearms because they made a stock design change in 2007.
They went from a Monte Carlo style to a Classic style.
I wanted to buy the 22 rifle over the Internet where 1 of 2 friends that have FFL's
could get it for me to save a few bucks...BUT Everybody I called on the Internet to order it had the old style Monte Carlo stock. I wanted the Classic style.

That was the purpose of the call to Marlin and that was to find out what wholesale'er had the Classic Stock style in inventory.
The Lady I talked to gave me a list of companys to call that they had just shipped 981 T's to.
One of the companys on the list was where another friend got all his guns that has a Pawn & Gun store so I had him get it from his source. I called his source to make sure I got the classic stock.
What I learned was apparently most all suppliers had basicly sold out or inventorys got real low due to demand for this rifle. That's hartining isn't it ?
She said all recent shipments were new production.
So may be you haven't got yours yet because of availability. READ ON...

I bought the Magum model identical to the 981 T back in July or August and i picked up the 22 lr. the Thursday after Christmas.
The bolt on my 981 T takes some effort to open and close, it's tight. It seems they did'nt mill enough metal off the side of the reciever. I'm hopeing it will get better after working it but I'm not very pleased at this point.
I stepped out into my back yard and fired off 2 rounds so I can't say if it's has any accuratcy.
Though the magnum model and 22 lr look indentical the 22 lr model has a little bitty wire that looks like a paper clip that looks like an upside down L.
I almost took a pair of needle nose pliers to pull it out but instead I contacted another member here at G&G that has the same 22 and he said it was suppose to be there.
I don't like seeing that wire LoL !!! The member was two-70 and he said it was there to help eject the empty case, it's kinda cheapy looking to me !
I will probably see about tradeing both guns for a CZ 452 if these 2 Marlins arn't accurate.
The 22 mag. does not have that funky wire like the regular 22 does I can't help but wonder why.
Good Luck and let us know about yours please sir...A.H
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