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Discussion in 'AR15' started by Sgtsquid, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Mr UPS should be delivering the last pieces of my build today! Waiting for my buffer and optics (Nikon m223). This was my first AR build, I hope it shoots as well as it looks. Will post pics when everything is complete. So far I've got an LRB Arms lower with a Doublestar parts kit, a Magpuls PRS, Tac-star pistol grip, DPMS 18" heavy barrel w/VTAC freefloat handguard fron JP Enterprises, YHM QDS sights and a Rock Mount bipod.
  2. Lousy cell phone pic, sorry:feedback:

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  3. Pothole

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    I like it :love:

    Ive been thinking about a build similar to this, and I think you just made up my mind
  4. ChaZam

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    Looks good. Is the VTAC tube aluminum or something else?
  5. Darkfront

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    How do you like that magwell grip? Is it heavy?
  6. ChaZam, yes it is aluminum and Darkfront overall the weapon is heavy, right around 10lbs. The magwell grip would serve me better with a lighter upper, but its pretty good.
  7. DaTeacha

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    Hey Sgtsquid, have you noticed your post count is 223?? Kind of appropriate to coincide with the posts about your first build getting done, eh?

    The pic shows the gun off well, no apologies needed. Me likey.
  8. Coincidence or destiny....?
  9. SwedeSteve

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    What will be the OA weight when you finish ??
  10. .22guy

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    That looks really cool, I've never seen that kind of magwell grip before.
  11. Uhhh pretty heavy Steve! She tips the scales at a buxom 12 lbs.