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    As long as I remember, I’ve always had to wait three days when I buy a gun. Why I don’t know, it’s just the way it is. If I buy one on a Wednesday, I can’t pick it up until the following Tuesday. Since I knew this, it really didn’t bother me. However, if I see a good deal in a shop in Okla. City, that would mean two 3 hour trips(one way). I could have it shipped to my LGS, but with shipping and the FFL fee it is no longer a good deal. That does bother me.

    Just venting
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  2. TXplt

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    Depends on state.

    In TX with NICS there's no wait (other than the phone-in itself). Same as when I bought long guns in FL or PA. FL did have something screwy (long guns only due TX resident) where there might have been a wait for out of state residents without CHL.
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  3. 410dude

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    It's basically the same here. I'm just one of those who are put on hold. I know a sheriffs deputy that it does the same thing to. He doesn't handle it as well as I do, lol.
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  4. neophyte

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    information: NC Law.


    No state permit is required to purchase a rifle or shotgun.

    It is lawful for citizens of the State to purchase rifles and shotguns and ammunition in states contiguous to this State

    Pistol Purchase Permit

    Pursuant to North Carolina Statute 14-402, it is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell, give away, or transfer, or to purchase or receive, any pistol without either a Pistol Purchase Permit or a North Carolina concealed handgun permit held by a resident of the State at the time of the purchase.
    A license or permit must be obtained to purchase, sell, give away, transfer, inherit, or receive a handgun by applying to the county sheriff in which the purchase is to be made or where the receiver resides. A purchase permit is good for five years from the date of issue. Antique firearms are exempted. The sheriff shall issue such license or permit to a resident of that county, unless the purpose of the license or permit is for collecting, in which case a license or permit may be issued to a nonresident.

    When the sheriff shall have fully satisfied himself as to the good moral character of the applicant, the applicant has successfully completed a criminal history check, and that the applicant desires the possession of the handgun for the protection of the home, business, person, family or property, target shooting, collecting, or hunting, such permit or license shall be issued.
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  5. neophyte

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    information: NC

    § 14-402. Sale of certain weapons without permit forbidden.

    (a) It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation in this State to sell, give away, or transfer, or to purchase or receive, at any place within this State from any other place within or without the State any pistol unless: (i) a license or permit is first obtained under this Article by the purchaser or receiver from the sheriff of the county in which the purchaser or receiver resides; or (ii) a valid North Carolina concealed handgun permit is held under Article 54B of this Chapter by the purchaser or receiver who must be a resident of the State at the time of the purchase.

    It is unlawful for any person or persons to receive from any postmaster, postal clerk, employee in the parcel post department, rural mail carrier, express agent or employee, railroad agent or employee within the State of North Carolina any pistol without having in his or their possession and without exhibiting at the time of the delivery of the same and to the person delivering the same the permit from the sheriff as provided in G.S. 14-403. Any person violating the provisions of this section is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

    (b) This section does not apply to an antique firearm or an historic edged weapon.

    (c) The following definitions apply in this Article:

    (1) Antique firearm. - Defined in G.S. 14-409.11.

    (2), (3) Repealed by Session Laws 2011-56, s. 1, effective April 28, 2011.

    (4) Historic edged weapon. - Defined in G.S. 14-409.12.

    (5) through (7) Repealed by Session Laws 2011-56, s. 1, effective April 28, 2011. (1919, c. 197, s. 1; C.S., s. 5106; 1923, c. 106; 1947, c. 781; 1959, c. 1073, s. 2; 1971, c. 133, s. 2; 1979, c. 895, ss. 1, 2; 1993, c. 287, s. 1; c. 539, s. 284; 1994, Ex. Sess., c. 24, s. 14(c); 2004-183, s. 1; 2004-203, s. 1; 2009-6, s. 2; 2011-56, s. 1.)

    § 14-403. Permit issued by sheriff; form of permit; expiration of permit.

    The sheriffs of any and all counties of this State shall issue to any person, firm, or corporation in any county a permit to purchase or receive any weapon mentioned in this Article from any person, firm, or corporation offering to sell or dispose of the weapon. The permit shall expire five years from the date of issuance. The permit shall be a standard form created by the State Bureau of Investigation in consultation with the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association, shall be of a uniform size and material, and shall be designed with security features intended to minimize the ability to counterfeit or replicate the permit and shall be set forth as follows:

    North Carolina,
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    I can't believe some of the laws the other states have.
    Here in Indiana if I want a gun & I pass the back ground check, after paying for the gun I pick it up & walk out the door. The only exception is at Walmart where they have to walk you to the door with it. LOL
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    Not to put too fine a point non it, but, when I held my last FFL, in my own shop, 2000 to 2004, I booked an average of 600 firearms a year.

    When the BATFE refused to renew my licence, (I was declared a "problem dealer) and I was legally hounded out of business / bankrupt by states attorney and local city govt.

    Since then I have bought and/or sold many times that number. (Florida is a private sale state) without a single 4473 or background check, legally. Nice job govt.

    Since Giov. Rick Scott made me an unconvicted felon by outlawing a legally obtained bump stock, that I did not destroy, as directed, I just can't seem to generate much interest about any of the other unconstitutional gun laws. ("shall not be infringed")

    Just one old man's opinion.

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  8. Jim Bridger

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    In Wyoming if you have a carry permit no wait. However, no permit is needed to carry a concealed handgun. When stopped by law enforcement you not required to notify them that you are armed. :)
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  9. ChaZam

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    410dude, I have family and friends here in Texas who are squeaky clean and probably 75% of the time they also get delayed. Seems to be no rhyme nor reason about who the system chooses to delay.

    But I don't think some people understand what the post is about. Oklahoma does not have a 3 day waiting period to buy a firearm. However the federal system for background checks will give one of 3 outcomes.
    1) Proceed
    If it generates the "delay" option they have 72 hours to either approve or deny the transaction.
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  10. runfiverun

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    stuff like that also happens if your name is something like chris clark.
    there is only about 300,000 chris clark's in the USA and about 50,000 of them are felons of some sort.
    I'm sure there's also 50,000 that have a CCW, and another 50-K of them are cops.

    they are all on the no fly list, and the delay a gun till we actually look instead of spending the on computer time making sure the transfer fee is processed.
  11. 410dude

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    You are right, I don't think I made myself clear about what the post is about. I am one of those who get delayed. Those 72 hours start the day after purchase and weekends don't count. So the gun I paid for last Wednesday, can be picked up Tuesday morning(tomorrow). It's no problem if it's my LGS, but it creates a problem if I want to buy a good deal in OKC and make that long drive.
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  12. Jim Bridger

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    Just picked up a Colt Delta Elite 10MM in the past hour. No waiting no BS. Things are up dating?:usa2:
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  13. Big Dog

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    Florida has the three working day waiting for handguns only. We can take a long gun home upon purchase, and passing the NIICS check. I have never been delayed, though at busy times the NIICS check can take awhile to go through. I once had to wait a half hour, strolling through the shop looking at other stuff.
    I once accidentally gave the gunshop the wrong check, and got called at home to come back. Clerk was sweating bullets. That was embarrassing for both of us! :D
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  14. blue fox

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    Same here in Ks and Mo with the exception of handguns for me (KS resident) if I buy in MO. I have to have a handgun shipped to a KS dealer. Long guns I get walked to the door and wished a good day.
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  15. rando

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    My friends name is Jesse James. We have both bought firearms at the same gun show or gun shop. They read his name from the Form and laugh usually. Here we have a form and call in to the Authorities and gone with long gun or shotgun. AR15 and Pistols are a waiting period and usually takes up to 10 days to clear. Also a 1 pistol per month limit on them. I have a State Police collectors license so I can buy dozens a day if I want. Also with a collectors license if the waiting period goes too long the gun shop will chance and give me my pistol. They are allowed to but falls on their shoulders if it comes back as no sale. Its like a bunch of nonsense chit here as TACAV knows also.
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  16. Jim Bridger

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    What if your given name is, Ima Felon?:eek:
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  17. In Connecticut, a permit is required to buy any firearm or ammunition. If you have a CT Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers... you can but handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammo. There is a long gun permit if one so chooses..no permit no gun..no permit no ammo. There is no waiting period, when you buy from a dealer he calls the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit and they ask what is being sold...if it is a used handgun they ask for the serial# and run it against NCIC...they get your permit # and once the gun comes back clean they issue a Transfer # that is written on the quadruplicate registration form as well as the states version of the 4473 plus the Fed 4473. Once paperwork is filled out and signed you can walk out with the pistol in a locked container or with a trigger lock installed...
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    I did transfers for close to fifteen years. Always used the computer. Never had a delay or deny. I think most of the delays come from using the telephone. Misunderstood names, words, etc. See if you can find someone who does his check via computer. BTW 410dude. I can't get a handle on where in Oklahoma it is a three hour drive to OKC Unless you live in one of three corners. NW, NE or SE. Most other locations are less than 3 hours. Not by much I'll grant you.
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  19. Ten Man

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    Add a 10 Day wait, AND it being one of the "allowed" guns, and you have the commiefornia gun purchase program of 14 years ago. I'm sure it's worse, now.
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  20. 410dude

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    They all use the computer.
    Google says it's it's a little over 2 hours. So it's probably around 2 1/2 hour drive time, depending on traffic, road work and other factors.
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