Wal-Mart Offers Stiff Gun Sales Policy

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    Wal-Mart Offers Stiff Gun Sales Policy

    Associated Press Writer

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Wal-Mart, the nation's largest gun seller, has implemented a rule requiring customers to be approved in a background check before they can buy rifles and shotguns, in a policy that exceeds federal guidelines and represents a victory for gun-safety advocates.

    After the retail giant's own research showed that weapons it sold were being used in crimes, the company began requiring background clearance for all gun buyers, no matter how long it takes.

    The new policy applies to rifles and shotguns sold at Wal-Mart; the retail chain does not sell handguns.

    Under current federal law, background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System are required for anyone attempting to purchase a gun. If the results are not returned within three business days, the dealer may complete the sale.

    ``When we looked into this, we found that the statistics show that a high proportion of the applications not approved within three business days would have been denied,'' Wal-Mart spokeswoman Jessica Moser Eldred said. ``We wanted to make sure we were doing our part to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not be getting them.''

    Most background checks are completed within minutes, and 95 percent are done in two hours or less. Gun-safety advocates said the remaining five percent should not be given guns until a background check has been completed.

    Nine states have standards that exceed federal guidelines for purchasing firearms, though Arkansas, where Wal-Mart is based, is not among them.

    Details of the Wal-Mart policy are set forth in an internal memo from the Bentonville-based retailer obtained by The Associated Press. Eldred confirmed that the memo had been sent out last month to all 2,600 American stores and that the new policy is now in effect.

    ``Selling one gun to somebody who should not be buying it was one too many for us,'' she said.

    In April, the Americans for Gun Safety Foundation sent a letter to Wal-Mart and other firearms sellers — including Big 5, Gart Sports, Sports Authority and Kmart — asking them to adopt the so-called ``don't know, don't sell'' policy.

    Recent research showed that, during an 18-month period, more than 10,000 criminals nationwide obtained guns through licensed dealers because their background checks could not be completed within three days, according to the foundation.

    ``People who have been convicted of felonies, people under restraining orders ... are all supposed to be stopped by these background checks, but they're not stopped,'' foundation president Matthew Bennett said.

    Bennett applauded Wal-Mart's new policy and said other large retailers may follow suit. ``It's absolutely a step in the right direction,'' he said. ``Wal-Mart is by far the biggest retailer of guns.''

    Officials at the National Instant Criminal Background Check System support the policy as an extra layer of protection against criminals obtaining guns.

    Gary Wick, the system's assistant operations manager, said the policy adopted by Wal-Mart and other gun dealers can help prevent potentially dangerous situations.

    But National Rifle Association spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said Wal-Mart's new policy ``penalizes law abiding citizens.''

    Arulanandam said the NRA has not yet decided how it will respond.

    ``While we're presently not considering a boycott of Wal-Mart ... we're not going to say there is not going to be any action,'' he said.
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    Well,I guess we all need to let Wal-Mart know we won't be doing ANY business with them.

  3. jerry

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    I'd still rather pay an extra $15 or $20 to support the local shop owner. Wally's getting too big anyway.
  4. OK.

    Who's good at preparing an on-line protest to sign?

    I sure as heck ain't.
  5. Jesse

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    I think that Bass Pro Shop needs our business. They seem to be the biggest national supporter of our rights on the retail end and have a more helpful and well trained staff than Walrus. I do NOT reccomend going around your local dealer. Support them first!


    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Is this true that people are buying guns that are used in crime because the NIC didn't return the check within 3 days. So once again a government beaurocracy at its best.

    I don't have a problem with Wal mart wanting to make sure you are legal to buy a gun, but what kind of checks are they going to do if the NIC doesn't come back? I would just call them back on the third day and have the NIC authorize the sale. I don't see how they can legally tell you that you can't buy a gun bc the government hasn't called back after 3 days. I have never had any problems myself with NIC but I have heard the stories.

    I personally would like to see their data on this. I may write them asking for it. Why should they hide it? I really have a hard time believing that it is as widespread as they are alluding it to be.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I like Cabelas better Jesse, been to both and think Cabelas has the better stuff. I go to sport shops and local dealers for ammo and firearms they need our help more than the Mega lo mart who paves over open fields and tears down trees for their stores.
  8. dave375hh

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    Cabelas policy is the same as Walmarts. I heard the same complaints on another board about Cabelas. If the NICS dosen't clear they won't sell the gun. For both of them this is a leagl CYA not any public saftey concern.

  9. PAPA G

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    what have i been telling you all??? did any one listen?? few did. didn't i tell you all that Wal-mart and the kissing cousins don't give a **** about your rights??? so its a few dollars cheaper. you all just keep buying at Wal-mart, make sure you get all the mom and pop stores closed down, you make sure the young entrapenour with his dream never gets past the dream stage. wal-mart felt no pain when they stopped handgun sales, whats next??? gun control inc loves them for this latest shot at us.:mad: :mad: :mad: :nod:
  10. NRAJOE

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    Give 'em h e l l Papa G !
  11. Jesse

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    Yes, like I said, support your local dealer first. A local dealer respects your rights and can get what you want even if it means a transfer. My statements about Bass Pro Shop were from personal experience in dealing with their sales staff. Your local dealer, (or any statewide dealer), comes first!

  12. I'd also like to see how the Amer. for Gun Safety Foundation got their data about 10,000 criminals getting guns in 18 mo. Did someone go out and arrest these criminals they know about? I'm sure their data is scewed like it always is or filled with outright lies.
  13. Shaun

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    Many local shops are better anyway because you never know about the classic piece that may be in there that you will walk out with
  14. on behalf of the local dealers, we thank you.
    I get alot of sales after a trip to walmart already, this should help even more.
  15. Eric

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    My personal opinion; do the checks, don't let any scumbags purchase guns. Don't limit the number of guns, stop putting bans on certain accessories, don't keep a record, and oh by the way, it doesn't matter how much ammo I have at my house. Guys, I believe that anything that keeps the guns out of the wrong peoples hands and has ZERO effect on my ownership, possesion, and purchasing(except maybe a couple of day wait) is the best way to defeat these POS gun control people. JMHO.
  16. BattleRifleG3

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    If you find the right dealer, you'll save over Wal Mart. A friend of mine got a Mini-14 for $460 at his preferred shop. The same model is $500 at Wal Mart. I'll be buying a Savage in 300 RUM in a couple days, for $380, taxes and all. Closest Wal Mart gets is a Weatherby for $400 before tax.
  17. Artillius6918

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    Papa G, as usual, you are right. The small stores are the places I used to go and enjoyed being there. Yakin' and tellin' stories. Now, sadly, the fed is keepin' records. Sad to say, I am not a shopper anymore! Don't want to be on anymore fed lists!
  18. Shaun

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    pawn shops are also great i helped a buddy pick up a Beretta autoloader in 12ga for $250.00
  19. toolman

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    hey eric,while i agree with you in theory,how can you pinpoint someone as a scumbag using a system that defines an ordinary law abiding citizen as a criminal because he had the audacity to own a handgun while under a routine restraining order? my stepson was unable to purchase a handgun at any show he attended even though he has no criminal record whatsoever.the system is flawed and corporate america is too scared of lawsuits to stand up and support the average gun owner. unfortunately,i was a big wal-mart supporter because they support america's truck drivers(i'm one),by allowing them to park in their lots and sleep when they need to,while k-mart,target,etc. usually won't let a truck on their lot unless they are delivering. oh well,i can just find somewhere else to sleep and shop.
  20. Stopper

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    Anything the gummit gets into ends up in a big mess. You would think that an "instant" check could be done efficently and easily but "somehow" the gummit can't do it- any surprise?

    I also think Wally world is going to far, they are just trying to cover their butt so that they can limit any possible liability if a gun they sale gets used in a crime.

    I also question the "statistics" they come up with, I've always beleived that any stat the gummit or big Corp puts out is seriously "padded". Much like the books of all these big businesses going down for fraud!