Wal-Mart to videotape gun buyers

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    Is America`s largest retailer getting out of the hunting and fishing business? If not, it certainly seems to be cutting back. Earlier this year, Wal-Mart told fishing tackle suppliers that their gear -- like fabrics and other "rural products" -- might be removed from some stores altogether, or at least be stocked only seasonally. That doesn`t mean Wal-Mart is getting out of the fishing business, company executives said. Nor is the company turning its back on hunters, they added. But recently, Wal-Mart joined New York mayor Michael Bloomberg at a gathering of his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to announce a series of changes to the way the company handles firearm transactions.

  2. I can say this. No Wal-Mart near me, even any in Wisconsin, which I'm only minutes away from even have any in-store anymore. You have to order them online and have them sent to which ever store. But by me, all that were once stacked are NO MORE!!!

    I'll also say this. Went into Wisconsin to the Wal-Mart up there to buy/get a Gamo Shadow Express Air Rifle as they don;t have a good selection at the ones near me and I purchased it and the person didn't even ask for ID. Just looked at me and said, you are over 16 right?

    I said, um no, I'm only 15 ha ha ha ha.... Obviously I'm over 16, I've got a full beard and mustache and am actually in my 40's.

    But my point in even bringing this up is that Wal-Mart should worry more about training their employees properly before worrying about video taping firearm transactions on firearms that I've never heard of ever being used in a crime. I mean think about it, has anyone ever even used a hunting rifle, .22,.243,.270,.30-06 to name a few in a crime? I mean Wal-Mart doesn't sell hand guns as far as I know.

    So what is the friggin' point. I mean, to the best of my knowledge, gang bangers don't go to Wal-Mart to buy a gun let alone their ammunition. lol And most people that do go to Wal-Mart to buy a gun are avid hunters or those looking for a deal on a gun or ammo, but most already own a firearm or 2 or 3 or 4 or more, so if they wanted to commit a crime, they wouldn't go buy a new firearm to do it with, as they already have plenty at home to choose from. lmao But they wouldn't do that anyhow, with a new or old firearm as they, and I enjoy the right and would never risk it or do anything to lose it.

    Well I've ranted enough.Wal-Mart,I only bought a mere pellet/shotshell gun from you tonight as it was a good price.But when it comes to a "real" firearm, trust me,Wal-Mart isn't the place I'll go to buy it anyhow.I'd soon as well buy from my local dealer and help them out,NOT YOU! So Wal-Mart,you can video tape this (picture whatever you want) lol!!!

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    I haven't seen a gun other than a muzzle loader in any walmart since about fall 2006.
  4. They even removed the muzzleloaders last year from the one near me.
    I asked the girl in sporting goods (I know her) about it and she said it was the decision of the store manager.
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    Sam Walton would be sick if he could see what Wal-Mart has become today.
  6. When I inquired about the guns, I was told it's pretty much nationwide, except for certain areas. Every store near me no longer has or sells rifles. This guy couldn't be more specific. I'm guessing he meant areas where they are still, well you know, good old boys? lol I was told you can still order some online and have it shipped to a store. Again, I'd rather give a/my local dealer my money.

    And yes, I also think Sam Walton would also roll over in his grave along with our forefathers.
  7. Pardon my language but there ain't a D*mned thing at Walmart I can't get online, cheaper and with less hassel.
    If you're ever in San Antonio, Texas go by Dury's Gun Shop. They are good people and gaurantee every gun they sale for breakage. And yeah I had one with a problem and yes they fixed it for free. Who needs Wally World, the biggest flea market China ownes?
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    Wal mart doesn't even sell guns in california anymore..

    I had a friend go there looking to buy a Savage MkIIFV .22LR and they told him that they don't sell them anymore, no reason given.

    I asked on another forum later and I was told that Walmart stopped selling guns in CA because some young employee skimped on the entire firearms purchasing process and ruined it for all californians that want to buy a rifle.
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    Before we get all worked up over it let's just remember the universal legislative truth:

    Gun Control doesn't stop crime

    therefore, logic says

    Gun Control doesn't make sense.

    (a "gun control haiku")

    You can't make sense out of something that's nonsense
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  10. Walmart is remodeling our brand new super center, It was built 5 to 6 years ago.

    Now there remodeling and they have finished remodeling the sporting goods section and have put in behind the counter gun cabinets.
    So it's apparent their still going to sell long arms here.

    Matter of fact they have more guns now than they did have.
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    for the most part i hate walmart....but they can vidiotape me if they want and it does not bother me.....I have nothing to hide, and im not going to do anything wrong with my guns.
  12. I don't have much to hide but the more people who know who you are and that you own guns, the more potential burglars who might visit while you're away.
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    The Wally's near me (west of town) still sells guns, and fishing gear too - too many Bubbas out here to ignore! :09: I include myself in that too.

    They remodelled into a "Super Wallys" a few years ago - the gun section shrank, they don't stock nearly as much ammo as they did when they were along the back wall. Now the guns & ammo are in an 'island' POS. (That's 'Point Of Sale' - not the other thing...).

    The bigger Wally's east of town has more clothing and groceries - more urban Soccermoms out that way. But they still sell guns & ammo too.
  14. We are in a rural area (25,000 in the entire county) and the super center has taken all guns out, blackpowder and modern. Now there are just BB's & pellet's.
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    They won't have my mug in their video file of gun buyers, cause I don't buy guns from them...

    TXplt... Words written words - the reality of anti-gun and gun-control efforts.
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    No guns at Montgomery Al Walmarts either. Only one even sells handgun ammo anymore. Sad times.
  17. What gets to me is that a lot of money spent at wally world ends up in china.
    Communist china is supposed to be our enemy and we support them. WHAT?
    What is going on in this world?